Monthly Open Source Design call

Sounds very good! Added the events accordingly to the calendar, hope I didn’t mess anything up! :slight_smile:

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Notes from 4th June 2020 - 20.30 BST //

Open Source Design meeting

Evalica, Amit, Jan CB, Sam, Eriol,

  • Nextcloud event error & PR, discussed and fixed. Deleted Eriol’s PR where the link to next cloud is removed because it’s updated now and works! :slight_smile:

  • Taiwan OSS event

    • Eriol to connect Amit up with the team for Open Architecture via email
  • Libre graphics was last week

  • Swapping admin roles between

    • AP: Amit & Saptak aren’t in the core group list and need adding!

    • What is the role - Monitoring spam, similar to GitHub organisation, can set new categories, limit to 5 admins on the sponsored hosting. In practice the admins don’t do much

    • Roles in discourse 0 (new user)- 4 (leader) should allow everything except creation of new categories.

  • Prevented from replying more than 3 times - we increased this to 10

  • Swap the admin roles around? Don’t really need to until there’s something admins can do that others can’t.

  • Update build script Amit & Saptak

  • only separate repo is the jobs one needs merging

  • Can create folders in the presentations repo? < nope

  • Still maintain a log of stuff that happened and then points to their repo/location of slides/video.

Discussion about articles

  • Not just the ones that we write but links out to other relevant articles.
  • After conferences have short summaries and links out article
  • Eriol to write up OSC - Africa article

Less things to maintain are good.

  • Kaliedos
    • UXBOX -> Penpot
    • CEO role is open!

Open Source Design Summit
- Mozilla festival could host a summit
- Talks from Open Up global summit & fodder 2020 could also be part of the summit
- Decide the purpose
- Sam: format of events and workshops: libra graphics meeting, New Zealand miss so much of online conferences. When there is time zone overlaps and can take part in workshops and Q&A’s. Want to take part in active sessions and walkthroughs & explain thinking. Use the knowledge in the community and skill share 7 things that they can share.
- Would be nice to have 15 mins presentations to contribute to project.
- Panel’s and Q&A
- Still record it and have them re-watch later

Badges project with Sustain OSS with-badges/383
Eriol is gonna take this forward with sustain + open source design

Many different call times work for different zone

Actions from this meeting:
AP: Amit & Saptak aren’t in the core group list and need adding! < Eriol has done this :slight_smile:

AP: Eriol will write up an OSCAfrica article draft

Actions carried over from last meeting:

AP: Eriol to connect Amit up with the team for Open Architecture via email

AP: Update build script Amit & Saptak

AP: Jobs repo needs merging into the main repo

FOSDEM 2020 actions:

OSD July suggested agenda

  1. How to involve existing members in more sustainable support for OSD
  2. How to gather/encourage more designers to join
  3. Any website movements/improvements/PR’s that need reviewing?
    3a. The suggestion from a member for a ‘showcase’ area of OSD website
  4. Some updates from UXBOX to share with the community.
  5. OSD Summit conversations and any other conference news
  6. Any other jobs/projects we want to discuss? Sustain OSS badges?
  7. AOB (Any other business)

I was thinking of starting an etherpad or an .md on our github or something for notes as well as posting them in this forum but that might be extra duplication that we need to maintain so happy to keep posting here in discourse


Very ‘raw’ notes from the various OSD monthly meetings for July 2020:

Open Source Design July Monthly call #1

19.00 CEST


  • How to involve existing members in more sustainable support for OSD
  • How to gather/encourage more designers/people to join
  • Getting more students in involved opportunities for marketing and outreach

  • Reaching out to university’s - Need guidance and effort and support

  • Need to think about marketing opportunities

  • T-shirts and shirts and swag

  • Competition monthly where the participants get swag at the end.

  • Students like to brag about it - twitter

  • Make it sustainable by students feeding into the competition

- AP: Eriol to start a forum thread for this idea

  • Software freedom conservancy - financials and governance etc. support with. Get consulting & legal expertise. Scaling governance.

  • The Open Source Summit legacy talk.

  • Sustain 2021 is good deadline

  • Conferences were a go to for new members/energising existing member which is hard right now.

  • Monthly meeting agendas help people to know whether they want to attend.

  • Some people after 5-6 years are tired and have other things to do so they are moving away from things

  • No documented levels in group we can give certain privileges to people.

  • Biggest concern about core group is credentials

  • Vouch for/sponsor

  • Meet in real life

    • Decisions
  • If people want to do something they should do it. If something is ‘using our name’ it should be known and approved.

  • The monthly calls are not just core team calls they are open and community calls.

  • We only have control via a PR review.

  • GSoC/Outreachy helps recruit new OSS interests

  • Projects to apply to to contribute to “Where do I contribute to?’

  • How designers contribute to OSS? where is the list? could we provide some generic rules for contributing.

  • Community call vs. Core team meetings

  • Community can be on IRC, participate and learn

  • We have an IRC channel, for two or three years didn’t really work.

  • Need to work on discoverability of info.

  • Coders are need

  • Amit & Saptak are happy to help code

  • A& S & E are looking to help clean up GitHub

  • Any website movements/improvements/PR’s that need reviewing?
    3a. The suggestion from a member for a ‘showcase’ area of OSD website

  • Some movement is happening here which is nice

  • Design education on P&S

  • Some updates from UXBOX to share with the community.
  • Gave an update about Uxbox

  • Adobe XD going fully open source would be the ideal for some designers re. tools

  • OSD Summit conversations and any other conference news
  • Talks but also tutorial how I do this stuff in an OSD way

  • Open Source Diversity summit is whispers of - Can we co-locate these two conferences?

  • Organisation of this is the hard part!

  • Any other jobs/projects we want to discuss? Sustain OSS badges?
  • AP: Add it as a job on OSD jobs posting via etherpad for collaboration & add on to the Sustain OSS discourse forum.

    • Ideal structure for feedback process:
    • Design phase 1 - 2-4 weeks, ‘What defines good behaviour for badges’ & UX interviews with the Sustain community.
    • Phases 2 - Design sample: 2- 4 weeks of visuals/graphics,
    • Phase 3 - ‘Documentation and proposal to Sustain OSS’ ‘How do they want to carry on with this?’
    • Can this tie into the Sustain OSS summit in 2021 and also into the Sustaining design & UX in OSS.
  • AOB (Any other business)

  • We talked about fossresponders project

  • Hourly estimates on the work for the jobs page

  • Onboarding for submitting job how to post a job that designers will want to work on! < could be an article.

  • We talked about how to get validation from peers and the wider design network

00.00 BST - Friday 3rd

Stayed until 00.20 no shows

03.00 BST - Saturday 4th

Stayed until 00.20 no shows

11.00 BST - Monday 6th July

Stayed until 00.20 no shows

14.30 BST - Tuesday 7th July

1 attendee

Wednesday 8th

extra meeting at 4pm with 4 atteendees

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Oha. Source?

What is P&S?

I have some experience there, glad to support.

I remember that @bumbleblue had a talk on this topic, too. Would it make sense to join forces, there?


Eep, I dropped the ball a bit this month (August) with the call times/days.

I’ve been pretty busy job searching etc. I’ll have a look at the calendar and see what other days I can do calls on

Adobe XD going fully open source

oh whoops! this was a discussion point about how nice it would be if Adobe XD went fully open source and for some designers, that is the optimum OSS design solution for tooling. I’ll make an edit in the main body to reflect this better.


Hmm I actually don’t remember what this stands for…it might be names of people or of a repo/product. I’ll see if I can remember.

I have some experience there, glad to support.

re. Universities. So this came up as the place to gather more support for the OSD network, forum, updates etc. but I mentioned how much support and guidance students/graduates sometimes need. So resources on how to best engage would be super welcome!

OSS 101 guide
Cool, I’ll reach out to @bumbleblue about this but I think she’s v busy with work at the moment.

Wow I’ve sure dropped the ball being an admin person over August!

Anyways! the regular Open Source Design monthly community call is tonight at 18.00 GMT UK Time // 19.00 CEST Europe time.

Find the event page here:

we’ll be meeting here:

Rough Agenda

  1. Eriol wants to try to merge the talks repo and presentations.

  2. Homepage design task

  3. FOSDEM 2021 planning?

  4. Open Source Diversity summit do we want to partner and do the Open Source Design summit at the same/similar time?

anything else? news, ideas, thoughts :smiley:

Notes from 02/09/2020 OSD meeting at 18.00 GMT // 19.00 CEST

  • We had an interesting random conversation about code of conducts :slight_smile:

Merging Repos

  • Do we remember correctly that as many repos as we can need to be merged into this one:

  • Git submodule in PR from Saptak, but this got merged in another repo.

  • AP: Saptak, create an issue to describe some of the merging work to be done.

  • AP: Eriol, to look for a discourse thread that describes the merging repo’s or create one.

  • AP: Eriol to create a articles/posts readme file to help people when adding in articles.

Homepage task


  • Online not announced details about platform yet. Just date announced. Wait and see about details.

  • Start planning the OSD track. What do we need? Let’s put together the planning, forms, schedule, blog post etc.

  • How will booth/tables be done? if at all?

  • AP Eriol: To raise a discourse thread & message around the core team for who wants to be invovled.

  • Not worried about getting enough talks there are lots of good people now submitting lots of talks :D.

  • Eriol & Perrie happy to start planning/communicating etc.

OSD summit

  • 3 vote for yes this is interesting and we could join together but more info needed.

  • Question: Do we have a separate full day of a summit or do we do a ‘track’ at open source diversity

  • Question: Will Open Source Diversity Summit 2021 be online or in-person?

  • Having a physical event is more effective for difficult/invovled conversations as remote is tricky. But will it be safe :frowning:

-OS Diversity thread located here on their discourse:

OSCA (Open Source Community Africa)

  • After a very busy 2020, Perrie is increasing time spent on Open Source Design work and the OSCA community, are there ways to work closer together/partner?

  • AP: Perries to share the OSCA sustain event doc where we asked the OSCA community what they want from design + OSS.

  • Can send a message to the Nigeria team re. ownership of that team and others that want to be involved in a more involved partnership with OSD

  • Note, Perrie’s discourse post: Open Source Design X Open Source Community Africa

I’m thinking about doing another OSD community meeting next week at a USA friendly timezone :slight_smile:


^^^ This is done! here

AP: Perries to share the OSCA sustain event doc where we asked the OSCA community what they want from design + OSS.
^^^ You shared the google doc link with me somewhere…but I don’t remember where :see_no_evil:

Notes from 07/10/2020 OSD meeting at 17.00 GMT // 19.00 CEST

Mergin Repos

  • We probably still need to merge the talks repo into the main. Maybe we can merge the talks repos and presentation folder.
  • The others apart from jobs are not really connected.
  • Saptak will create an issue about it.
  • How do we want to maintain the fonts repo, etc. ? As a resource maybe.

Homepage task


  • Eriol: Sent an email to FOSDEM, they said to wait for now
  • Probably can still start planning about the talk proposals?
  • Will FOSDEM decide to have booths / exhibition? If so how do we do?
  • Do we do UX clinic? If so, how? Maybe assign one person to every projects which signup
  • Eriol: UX clinic in-person was also a bit difficult so we need to figure online
  • Eriol: We can ask people to send in ideas about what they want to talk and if they would be interested in an open source design track but if we don’t get room, then it’s a bit weird
  • Jan: We can probably wait to hear from FOSDEM, we have a checklist and we can act quickly.
  • Eriol: CFP happens very quickly when it’s virtual, so difficult to prepare in that short time.
  • Amit: Do we have pre-recorded talks or live talks? Do we have a preference?
  • A live Q&A makes things a lot more interactive.
  • We can check with speakers what they are comfortable with and maybe can do a mix?
  • Eriol: Can try to email back and ask generally what platforms they are considering.


  • Amit should now have access to tweetdeck

Partnership in 2nd week of Feb for Interactive London Conference.

Somebody from Google has nominated OSD as a partner of sort in All Things Open. Eriol and Abigail are doing workshops on how to communicate with designers and also how to receive their first design contribution.

Gitlab Design Management:

Sustain Design & UX taiga board link & discourse sustain oss:
Also, Open Source Design podcast coming up by the Sustain OSS community!

Re. technical platform fosdem wise from FOSDEM folks:
“prerecorded stream and where possible live q&a. The technical side of this is still evolving.”

Merging Repos

  • Progressing :slight_smile:

Homepage task

  • Progressing
  • Ping @AnXh3L0 any branch made yet? We can ask for help from other FE devs on this if you’re busy?


  • Devroom proposal asked for waiting to hear back.
  • Re fosdem’s online platform very unofficial comms please be aware this might change! “combination of a prerecorded stream and where possible live q&a. The technical side of this is still evolving.”
  • 10th November dev rooms announced
  • If we have submissions from folks in countries with equipment needs (mics, cameras etc.) or internet vouchers it’ll be tricky for folks.
  • FOSDEM 2021 - open source design organisation thread



Next meeting

Any other topics for next Open Source design call?

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02 - 12 - 2020

Merging repos

Homepage updates



  • AP: Eriol follow up email thread < Done!

  • Simply Secure facilitated conversations with designs on design for OSS coders/techies. Might be more regular.
    I can’t find our notes from this meeting but If it happens again I’ll post the meeting on our forum too.

  • early 90’s Microsoft - share that thread of people.

  • Sustain UX & Design podcast 4th December publishing

  • Agreed on the process of changing ‘master’ to ‘main’ needs a lead to complete.
    Something about the wiring of git might break some things - needs reviewing and exploring re. external hooks. Job page set up? Who knows about the infrastructure of jobs page?

  • We spoke about

Oh snap folks! it’s monthly community call time again! Tonight at 18.00 GMT and 19.00 CET!!!

see ya’lls there!

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Notes from Jan 6th 2021 community call

  • We did a quick round of intros


  • FOSDEM (our 7th FOSDEM as Open Source Design dev room)
  • 14 sessions with 2 from OSD as intros
  • Checked that submissions were all related to open source and/or design in some way.
  • We still need two volunteers for speakers
  • And Bernard may need some logistical help
  • Two half-days
  • See FOSDEM 2021 - Support for speakers for more details
  • Pitch your project
  • Hallways track for chatting
  • No booth this

FOSS Backstage

  • AP: Eriol to poke the organisers re. UX clinic

Repos & Websites & Master to main

  • All ongoing
  • Master to main has some discussion

Donations to Open Source Design Open Collective

  • Showing backers from casinos

  • Background info: OSD has been getting donations from casinos over the last year and we talked about what kind of orgs we wanted to get funding from.

  • We want to try to have the casinos not show up on our github and our website via widgets.

  • We agreed to remove the casinos from github Jan has figured this out

  • We talked about how to change the website which will move to signal chat and then decided.

  • Jan will also open a issue on open collective github re. widget errors.

  • OSD running costs is just domain hosting and merch usually.

  • AP: Eriol to start a discussion about what we do with funding.
    Review the discussion from last OSD summit.

Open Design Processes

  • And open process for design projects re. branding for a project Eriol was intro’d to re. MDN docs

  • Eriol has been talking with a designer and OSS project re. how to start an open source design process or how to go about start this journey.

  • We spoke generally about OSS and design and how designers come to contribution, OSS and sustainability and longevity of designers sticking at OSS.

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  • I added a headline (“Open Design Processes”). If this is not correct, feel free to edit it; the 3 points under it did not match " Donations to Open Source Design Open Collective", at least from what it seems.

Eriol has been talking with a designer and OSS project re. how to start an open source design process or how to go about start this journey.

Interesting! Did you identify/suggest any patterns?

how designers come to contribution

…I would assume they are interested in Open Source primarily and also happen to be interested in design aka the open-source-ness preceeds active contribution. But that is just a guess and I would be interested in your thoughts!

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Thx for adding headlines :bouquet:

Interesting! Did you identify/suggest any patterns?
I mostly answered some general questions they had on how ‘different’ (if at all) an open source design process is to commercial design and detailed my experiences across a few projects. Went with three typical scenarios I’ve observed re. doing OSS design:

  1. Very async, no or little designer collaboration, you create issues (or others do) and you contribute to these in isolation, solo and async. Little to no designer involvement through ‘the development pipe’ and design is essential ‘airdropped in’

  2. The above but designer is more generally involved and communicative on issues and generally about the software.

  3. A design ‘pipe’ is begun and follows into a development pipe of some kind. Designers collaborate and work as a ‘design team’ but openly and without hierarchy and ‘control’ and the design + dev is through trust, discussion and collab with designers and devs in the project.

The chat was a little more complicated than that because there are so many variations on what you can do. Mostly the Jamulus team wanted to understand how OSS design differs from ‘regular design’ and I just kind of said ‘It can be a little unstructured and chaotic and you spend a lot of time communicating and advocating the design side. It’s also a longer commitment than you think’

how designers come to contribution

This was in relation to a brief discussion on the amount of designers interested in the OSS policy and structure side of OSD and those that are more interested in OSD from a ‘I can get real life exp on tech projects for my design portfolio but also do something meaningful with that time and learn’

I’ve certainly seen a split between these two with the ‘OSS policy and structures persona’ being less common!