Introductions (come in, say hi)

Hello @willd and @Fotis_M !

I joined a few days ago myself!
I recently graduated from a bachelor’s course in visual design, and I’m really interested in figuring out how I can contribute to open source.

Have a look through the forums for anything that catches your interest!


Hi all! I’m Nimisha, college senior from India, and currently doing design-y stuff at Nextcloud (shoutout to @jan for encouraging me to introduce myself here :D).
I’ve been into open source and ethical tech for a while now, and I feel like I finally found the one corner of the internet where there are open source designers and not developers, lol.
Excited to be a part of this community! Always looking for opportunities to help make cool things :slight_smile:


Welcome folks! don’t forget to drop your location in your intro (if you want to!) and your github username if you want to be added to a specific team:

Note: you totally don’t have to do this! only if you want to be added :smiley:

Hello, I am Nathalie, from France, I have 23 years of experience in web, including 11 years as UX designer. I dove into FLOSS 8 years ago when I met my first FLOSS geeks.

I would love to work (for real) for a FLOSS company. I’m interested in cybersecurity and how to deal with SEC and end-users, how to include them in the implementation process.

I attended FOSDEM 3 times (I was in the team organizing Decentralized DevRoom in 2019).


Hi everyone,

I’m Hannah, I got into UX design a year ago (my background is in illustration and gardening). I attended an online workshop about finding and contributing design to open source projects run by @Erioldoesdesign last summer (hi Eriol! it was great!). It’s taken me a while to get involved, but I’m now preparing some logos for one of the briefs on the jobs board, and looking for other things to contribute to.

My interest is in the potential of design and tech to bring positive change to people and planet :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you!


Welcome @Natouille and @HannahS we’re glad to have you here :smiley:

Our next community call is next week on Wednesday the 3rd at 18.00 BST 19.00 CET.
We love to hear from new folks and it’s a totally open call.

You can see what kinds of topics we talk about there on this thread:Monthly Open Source Design call - #100 by Erioldoesdesign

but also, come along with questions, thoughts and anything you’d like to speak about too :raised_hands:

Hiya, thanks for welcoming me! I have a call scheduled with one of my mentors next Weds, but I’m interested in joining in the future :slight_smile:

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Hello, and thanks.
I already have a call at 5:30 this day, maybe I’ll join after.

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Ohh, I just saw that it’s 19 PM and not 18 PM, so I’ll be there

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Hi there, FOSS lovers. I am already on a million Discourse forums, so why not create one more account in this great community, right?

I am initiator and facilitator of the Humane Tech Community (which is grassroots & operates independently of The Center for Humane Technology) and also very active in SocialHub community, where cool technology for the Fediverse is developed.

Hint: The Fediverse really needs designers to get more actively involved and people participating in Fediverse Futures. I see fedi as THE chance to get Social right and inplement some true humane technology best-practices. Your (F)OSS career may be found in this space :slight_smile:

You can find me at

(Note: If you are similarly juggling Discourse accounts, then participate in this “Community has no boundary” topic on their forum?)



If you’d like to consider adding a job to the job board for Fediverse I’m sure there’s plenty of designers in the community that would be interested :smiley: Jobs - Jobs

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Hi I’m Ian :wave:

I’m a developer based in Bristol, UK. At the moment I’m building an open source drawing language I hope to release this year. I’m interested in how design materials can be shared/reused/remixed/distributed similar to how code is.

I attended and very much enjoyed the OSD sessions at FOSDEM 2020/1 and thought it was time I joined this great community you’re building :smiley:


Hi! :smiley:

The drawing language sounds amazing! Can we find it online?

Nothing online yet but I will let you know when! Thanks for the interest it’s encouraging :smiley:


Hello fellow Bristol person! very cool to see another SW Uk person here :slight_smile:

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Hi Ian,

This sounds really interesting. I’m a former illustrator turned UXer, also based in Bristol. Feel free to get in contact with me if you’re looking for extra collaborators / another person to bounce things off! Look forward to hearing more about it when release, if not :slight_smile:


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Hi everyone! I’m Lulu, a product designer and UX Researcher based in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m happy to be here🥰 and I’m looking forward to collaborating on design projects.


Go Bristol! Hi Eriol, hi Hannah - may take you up on the offer, appreciate it.

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Would you like me to add you to the Nigeria team on github?

Also! there’s three of us so I’m gonna make a Bristol team! @Ian and @HannahS :smiley:

Hi Eriol!

Yes please I would like that. My username on GitHub is lulunwenyi. Can’t wait!!