Revive this site and forum


this year I had the chance to go to FOSS Backstage in Berlin, and I’m glad I could meet many OSD members there in person. I didn’t expect them to be so many and it was a pleasure for me.
One thing I had in my mind and brought to the conference is the low traffic here. Before I went to Berlin, I was under the impression that this site is dying. As far as I was told, there was another little meeting around the Superbloom people planned on the last day about this site’s future. Sadly, I could not take part in it because I had to catch my train. So, did this meeting take place and if yes, what are its results?

Thank you in advance



Good question! I don’t know, maybe @Erioldoesdesign knows more?

No matter what was decided, I wonder what would be helpful for people to use the forum for exchange. Some communities e.g. have open question threads where there is a question of the week or the like; I could also imagine sharing about a particular topic, maybe in concert with the monthly syncronous online meeting?

hi hi :smiley: it was lovely to meet you in person Sven - FOSS Backstage Design was a great event!

Superbloom held a ‘happy hour’ that was more social mingling and chatting - some people got to meet others that were not at the design event and connected up for projects etc. the intention and outcomes of the happy hour were generally to have fun and share insight and projects/ideas (which did indeed happen!)

This forum seems to have peaks and lows, sometimes there are lots of topics and other times not so much - i think the open source design community is reasonably large and healthy but we also struggle to find time outside of our job roles, study and advocacy work to speak much on the forum (that’s what happens with me anyways! I’m so busy with work and admin and study i don’t post much :frowning: )