FOSS Backstage 2021 call for participation from open source designers

Hi all,

Last week the organisers of FOSS Backstage contacted us asking if we (OSD) would be willing to partner with them for FOSS Backstage 2021.

@Erioldoesdesign and I had short discussion with them (full notes), and essentially they’ve asked if we’d be willing to:

  1. support their CfP advertisement
  2. run design related event(s) during the conference
  3. help with finding open source related design talks (or as backup: provide some design related talks)

We are still working out the details of the above, but I’ve started with 1. above. I’ve created an event on Open Source, and started twittering the CfP. If you have time, please do twitter/toot/etc about the CfP.

3. open source related design talks

If you’re interested in submitting a design related talk to FOSS Backstage, please do. It’s important for others to have opportunities to speak, so if you’d like to submit a talk but aren’t sure or think you need advice, let us know here. We’d be happy to help.

2. design related event(s) during the conference

The design related events structure is pretty much open, but we were thinking about something like:

  • hold a Design clinic
    • could be open source community/project specific design clinics (possibly in a parallel breakout room)
  • Reddit style Ask Me Anything event (possibly in a parallel breakout room)
    • This would be asking attendees to “submit/come with an idea/question”, then talk about it
      • Possibly framings: “What are you struggling with at the moment that a designer could help with?”
  • but we could propose something else, as long as it’d be possible to do remotely.

If you’ve got thoughs, suggestions, want to submit a talk, would like to volunteer some time, let us know here.


I could volunteer some time

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Hi @brownie, super! Details aren’t available yet for what day/when etc. Are you interested in submitting a talk? If so let us know!

If there are people who are interested in volunteering time, let us know by filling out this doodle:


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Hi @ei8fdb I’m interested in contributing and speaking at the event

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Hi @frankiefab100,

That’s great, then I suggest you get your talk proposal in as quick as possible! :slight_smile:

They’ve originally published the deadline as 25th of October - 4 ays ago. Right now it still seems open, so you can submit it here:

Are you availabe to volunteer some time during also? We’d welcome your support. Thanks!

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Okay, thank you @ei8fdb

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I submitted a design talk for the conference two weeks ago.


Hi @ei8fdb I’m interested in submitting a talk for one of the conferences. Although it would seem that the CFP for the upcoming one is closed. However, I do not mind waiting in line for the next one, I would just like to indicate my interest ahead of time :slight_smile: