FOSS backstage & Mozfest 22 - Volunteer for the UX Clinic for open source!

FOSS backstage reached out to open source design again for 2022 to ask for a few things!

Firstly, more designers submitting talks!
You can enter proposals until 2021-11-15 23:59 (Europe/Berlin), 2 weeks from now.

Some question that you might want to discuss in your proposals are:

  • How can people, who are scattered around the world work together on projects best?
  • Why is it important to convince people, businesses, cities or even states to use and develop Free and Open Source Software?
  • How can I sustain my FOSS project?
  • What Open Source business models are there?
  • How to best grow and maintain your open source communities and allies?
  • How to manage your relationship to those stakeholders and what role do OSPOs have in this?
  • What is the role of design in good open source projects?

I asked if they would be interested in any design workshops too so if you can a more collaborative and hands-on idea pitch that too!

UX Clinic

They are interested in OSD doing a UX clinic again (some of your volunteered in 2021) where we give design advice to OSS projects in a sort of 10 min advice round table format. Any designers in the community can volunteer to be part of this :slight_smile:

They also want us to be a community partner like last year. This means we get a virtual ‘stall’ and featured on their website.

They also have an in-person event in Berlin with limited space if anyone wanted to be a representative of OSD in person? probably best if you’re based in Berlin already for that one

@Erioldoesdesign What’s happen’ with the organising for this? I saw an update about it but then it all kinda went quiet.

Just seeing this. The UX clinic was interesting last year, wouldn’t mind participating again.


Hey folks!

I’m now wrangling volunteers for FOSS Backstage here:
17th March 2022 - 14:00 CET - 16:00 CET (1 hour slots)

We’re also wrangling volunteers for Mozfest UX Clinic
March 8th 2022 - 16.00pm CET - 17.00 CET - 1 hour total

Please head over to this spreadsheet to find the virtual rooms to join and also where to drop your names for time slots!

@GBKS still up for this?

@Natouille @netlenka and @belenbarrospena helped last year - would you like to help again?

I need everyone emails for a ticket to the conference to get you into the platform :slight_smile:

Yep, I’m down. Do you have my email? And should I enter my name in the spreadsheet?

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I’m sure I’ve got your email somewhere and yes - do drop your name in a time slot you can do!

Hi there, I would also like to volunteer to participate in the UX clinic. I think it would be a good opportunity to learn and contribute. I’ll add my name to the spreadsheet.

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