UX Camp Europe: Session about OSD?

Pre-Corona I attended UX Camp Europe every year – it always was a nice event. Some here, like @jan have been there some times, too. I thought we could give a session about Open Source and Design.

The conference is mainly UX practicioners, some design students and some academic researchers.

I think it would make sense to take 5min to present ourselves as org and then share some experiences. Maybe it is most interesting to discuss how to design for/with open source projects and by this also show the differences in cultures between UX and FOSS?

(@Erioldoesdesign @bumbleblue as you both gave similar talks in the past :slight_smile: )


I could imagine covering topics like:

  • Communicating in a FOSS project
  • Absence of clear, actionable goals (from a design perspective)
  • Collaboration with developers needs to be close
  • Typical Design-Approaches (Stabilizing goals, user focus, doing research, following standards) often being at odds with FOSS approaches (Stigmergic organization, seeing what gets interest of development…)

I’m very up for this!

If it’s an unconference format I think we just need those outlines right? (I’ll take a look at the submission form tonight after my work is finished)

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yeah, usually there is only a pitch one needs to prepare.

I don’t have the bandwidth to do it, unfortunately. @jdittrich I love your bullet points. If you want to put together something, I will be there and support you!!

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So I registered to have a session board @jdittrich We can collab on how to move forward?

Worth looking at Tips for a great session - UXcamp Europe

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Uh, great! How does one register a session board? Can you link it?
Oh, wait it is session registration, right?

We can collab on how to move forward?

Probably writing possible content/interaction with the audience on etherpad, though I would also be fine with a google doc.

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Yeah go for it and make an etherpad :smiley:

Yeah I registered for a board and then got onto slack and signalled our intentions


I added some notes to the etherpad!

If we want a Miro board then I’m totally cool making a fresh one!