Posting topics, updates etc. on open source design topics

I just posted an overview of FOSS Backstage '24 Talks here on discourse. I briefly wondered if it rather should be a blogpost – technically, open source design has an article category on our website and a “hey look at these resources" might make sense there. However, I did not want to go through our website’s repo, using git and pull requests and installing and running jekyll for getting a preview.

→ What do you think is the right place for such updates and how would you like to contribute them?

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Firstly, thank you for posting the overview!
Whether it should be on the Articles page is a good question.
IMHO, the following proposal goes well with our current site structure:

  • in Articles or Forum/Events: an overview article about all design related talks on this event containing their key ideas and links to the videos
  • in Articles: a detailed article or revised transcript of a talk
  • discussions about certain talks could be in Forum/Design Lounge and be linked from the overview page and/or article.