Monthly call notes 06/05/2020

We did an ad-hoc flexi meeting between 19.30 CEST and 20.30 CEST

People that were there at some point during that time frame were:

  • evalica
  • Jan C
  • amit.lzkpa
  • erioldoesdesign
  • ei8fdb

Here are the notes I took as we went :slight_smile:

Open Source Design 6/04/2020

Website needs

  • Moving events repo has been merged

  • New design mock-ups via Elio < Are these anywhere on the forum?

    • (Not a huge re-design, proposed a colour and fixing the spacing etc.)
  • Manifesto should go immediately on the front page - not in a sub page, too many already and too complex.

    • Mray - still waiting for them to add their comments in the pull request version of the manifesto.
    • It’s in a sub-page but not a very prominent link.
    • Goals page is kind of a duplicate of manifesto
    • We could do generally with a content audit, different pieces written by different people at different times. Things are disjointed and very hard to connect up.
    • Manifesto is most up to date so make that front and centre and work in the older content from goals and how we achieve.
    • Eva: At least the 8 points, not before articles + job because they are more dynamic and change
    • Blender homepage, first-timer and a community member differences.
    • Jobs could be more call to action-y need help or contribute help.
    • Articles: Collecting a whole bunch of articles about design + OSS. How do I format this bibliography. Article writing is a lot of work and there is more about OSS+Design than ‘us as OSD’ lets push other content. Let’s not have it look stale. Sort by date or source. Articles look like events!
  • Clone the git protocol instead of the https < setup script needs update. We could update it. We can do this/make this better. Permissions need reviewing.

  • Terminology conversations are a bit bike-sheddy and we have them semi-regularly but shrug, it’ll just happen so we roll with it yo.

  • AP: Eriol to create a new forum thread for conversations around what to merge/change/reorder

Actions from FOSSDEM pending

This was the List from Amit:

  • [ ] Open Source Design Devroom picture | example | Deadline: 4-5 Feb

  • [x] Review the videos recording start/end times for the talks in order to be published

  • [ ] Create FOSDEM 2020 slides folder on opensourcedesign Github example 1 | Deadline: 1 Mar

  • [ ] Submit talks slides on opensourcedesign GitHub| example | Deadline: 1 Mar

  • [ ] Write post event article on | Deadline: 1 Mar

  • [ ] Provide a link to the video recordings | example | Deadline: 31 Jul

  • some still needing actioning

  • Videos are on the FOSSDEM pages, are they x posted to youtube? If not we could do this by creating a OSD youtube account and uploading:

    • Speakers need to consent to the video being on YT and in playlist

    • Account creation + credentials

    • Youtube hangouts is good for summits/talks etc.

    • If we have Youtube links - we could embed videos in articles

    • AP: Eriol to create a forum thread re. Youtube

Open Up global design track curation

  • Open Up Global summit which had it’s first year in 2019 in Taiwan asked Eriol to curate an Open Design track (along with some other folks globally)


  • AP: Eriol to make a post on forum for help/talks possibly also add to the website


  • Jan report back easy: He couldn’t go :frowning:
  • Eriol report back: Did a remote talk because of the quarentine rules (2 weeks isolation so cancelled flights etc.)
    AP: Eriol to create a forum thread of thoughts/ideas/feedback

Accounts and credentials and Admin privileges.

  • How do we organise the process re. changing the people periodically.
  • Do we need a vote in the wider community?
  • AP: Ask Jan on the Core Group chat where credintials live and who has access and if we need an accessible secure way of accessing?
  • How do we do hand-over for those with admin privileges?
  • AP: Eriol to make a forum post summarising this need < who and how should admins becomes admins?


  • Eriol had a chat with a person while Remote Design Week happened
  • < their versioning tool
  • They have some plans coming up to engage with and do something for open source orgs/projects but likely not opening up their source code.
  • Eriol encouraged the person to be on this forum and talk with the community to understand our experiences and needs
  • Waiting to see if they will they do anything

Sustaining OSS Design & UX

  • There was design & ux talk at Sustain summit 2020
  • AP: Eriol will X-post the WG from the sustain discourse forum & notes

** Open Source Community Africa**

  • **AP: Eriol to make a forum post on the Open Source Community Africa opens source design group and @ Perrie to link the roadmap/docs if this isn’t already on the forum

OSD Summit

  • Depending on what we do could it happen in October!? Especially if it piggy backs content from
  • Need volunteers to help run rooms/talks etc.
  • Not huge amounts of people attended (12 in Berlin, 40ish in Tirana)
  • Funding do we need it? Are we there yet? Have this as a goal fo the further future
  • Amit’s company could open up licensing 3D in browser. < Digital swag bag.

Sponsorship re. Open Collective re. Casinos

  • No reply yet better to put into their repo via a GitHub issue and/or their twitter.
  • Not a big problem because they’re making money but it’ll look poor if they don’t at least try to solve it.
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@Erioldoesdesign @ei8fdb I would love to help with any website development code (and setup scripts for that matter). Any particular issue(s) you can point me to?

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yessssss so I don’t think there’s an issue yet but @amit.lzkpa found the set up scripts problem so it’s best that he creates an issue describing the need.

As for the website changes…we need to have these discussions on how to re-order/merge/prioritise content before we’ll be ready to make issues but I’ll let you know when they’ve been added to the repo?

I’ve documented the issue on this issue.
Would love to hear your comments.