Monthly call notes – 2018-07-04

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@elioqoshi, @evalica, @jan, @jdittrich (first half)
(notes by elio and jan)


  • OSD Summit


  • Elio to think about some actionable tasks for the OSD Summit and see if anyone else from our community can help


  1. Summit:
  • What do we want the summit to be in the first place?
  • @jan: I think the last year’s summit was great, bringing together core people to work on Open Source Design the collective, and having some general design collaboration talks
  • @evalica: What’s the objective of the summit? It’s very important to make that clear.
  • @elioqoshi: Growing the stable contributor base
  • ~10–30 people is ideal, with core people getting together
  • Unconference again? More structure might be nice but is also more work, and might be less good for collaboration
  1. Sponsoring:
  • Everyone should ask their company/project if they can sponsor at least travel/accomodation for themselves.
  • Mozilla can give some money (?)
  • Wikimedia probably not as Wikimedia Germany only covers stuff in Germany (?) We should ask them anyway though since they did support the event last year and this could be seen as continuation. @incabell any idea?
  • Red Hat?
  • We won’t use OpenCollective money for travel/accomodation as it’s not that much in the pot and travel costs a lot
  1. Costs:
  • Venue: how much? (Last year this was given pro bono by the venue which was from Wikimedia Germany)
  • Catering: (Last year it was maybe 300 €, sponsored by Wikimedia Germany)
  • Stickers – we could ask Stickermule, otherwise @jan can print using again (Last year 150 € sponsored by Wikimedia Germany)
  • Posters: @jan can bring the posters from last year

Next meeting

  • Aug 1th at 19:00 Berlin time

@elioqoshi did you want to open a topic for summit organization and delegation? The summit discussions and issues from last year are a good basis:✓&q=is%3Aissue+label%3Asummit+


Thanks for the reminder. I’m coordinating with @mariana to push that forward.

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