Monthly call notes – 2018-06-06

Come join our monthly calls – more info on the monthly call event page :phone: :slight_smile:


  1. Website and technical stuff (repos together?)
  2. OSD infrastructure (Ura offers some time)
  3. Yoast call about sponsorship
  5. Summit (logistics, sponsorship, outcomes)



  1. Website
  • we now have https because GitHub Pages supports it for custom domains
  • we tried to rename the repo to That broke things and got reverted
  • right now we have separate repos for everything. Should we move them into one, maybe using submodules?
  • Jan and Simon have started to move the issues (the events repo only has one issue right now, the notes for this call)
  • jobs only receives the jobs submitted, and we have also the plugin for Discourse
  • Everybody agrees that the repos should be combined
  • where should job discussions happen? Discourse, GitHub, wherever you want? We don’t seem to fully agree, so maybe we should discuss in the summit instead. Elio thinks it’s ok to have both, as long as there is a link to GitHub. Right now there is a link to Discourse from the jobs page, but only visible over http. The Discourse job entries also include a link to the jobs page.
  • Jan will talk to Simon about how to fix the jobs link so that it displays over https. The issue might be related to the multiple repos.
  • If you want to look into this, the problem is probably in the jobs repo
  • Jan encouraged people to get involved on the website: there is a script in the website repo ( that automates the addition of the events repo. Just follow the installation instructions.
  1. OSD infrastructure and Ura’s help
  1. Yoast call and sponsorship offer
  • Yoast offered sponsorship at FOSDEM 2018
  • Monday, 11th of June at 13:00 BST there is a call with them to discuss. Contact Bernard (ei8fdb at ei8fdb dot org) if you want to join
  • The call is to discuss sponsorship options with them
  • Yoast do SEO plugins for WP sites, training on SEO, analytics, e-commence stuff and a bit of UX work. Their software is under GPL and permissive licenses.
  • We agreed their sponsorship should happen through OpenCollective
  • Elio also suggested they could help with the summit, maybe funding some people to attend
  • It was suggested to add a “support us” page in our website.
  • There is a way of embedding OpenCollective donations in Discourse. That makes it obvious how to donate.
  • Jan will open an issue to set up the above (see
  • StickerMule probably will be happy to give us free stickers. Someone else other than Elio should contact them about it though. Elio might be “out of favours” :wink: Dina might have been in touch with them: Jan will check.
  • this year we’ll organise on Discourse
  • We agreed to submit both a devroom and booth again
  • We need to find organisers for both. But we have time until August
  • Bernard would like to see something “special” for the design clinic. Belen thinks the only option is asking for 2 booth tables: anything custom will not fly with the organisers. FOSDEM have their system, and we need to work within it.
  • Elio considering applying for a booth for Identihub. If we get them next to each other, we could use the space.
  • Jan suggests to do the booth together. Elio has some concerns because Ura is a for profit company, Belen concurs. As new organisations come into the open source design space, we’ll need to communicate the boundaries clearly to people.
  • Jan mentions that although we are non-for profit, we should encourage people to advertise jobs in the board and pay for them if they can!
  1. Summit
  • 2-4th November in Tirana (Albania). Most people said 4 days is too much: 3 days instead. The venue is not much of an issue in terms of conference length.
  • Jan guessed people would arrive Friday, but Elio was hoping people would arrive Thursday. We need to make a final decision on this.
  • Core day should be Saturday.
  • Dates involve some conflicts. Right after MozFest, right before OTF Summit, and same dates as OpenFest in Bulgaria
  • Elio has one or two venues in mind
  • Discussions on the structure and content should take place on Discourse. Should we have a public date? Which outcomes are we seeking?
  • We need to update the Summit page and archive the old one.
  • Can we get sponsorship for travelling? Organisers will tap Mozilla and OTF, but Elio and Anxhelo would appreciate some help, for example Yoast if they were interested. OTF has a community lab initiative but only for people from the global south. Projects supporting attendees could be listed in the Summit website as supporters
  • The summit itself should not incur many costs
  • Stuff we should do differently from last year? Elio would like to articulate what the strategic outcome should be, by having a couple of questions and answering them during the summit. Victoria points out the questions from last year still stand. We didn’t have time to answer them!
  • Announce the dates as soon as possible so people have time to organise travel
  • Are we opening up a day to a wider audience? Should we have something that is public facing? Elio thinks we would get different people (not design specialists), because the local community is different. Maybe we could do something light on Friday evening for a couple of hours with some introductory talks on design in general and OSD.
  1. OSD manifesto
  1. Discussion “venues”
  • website stuff should be discussed via Github issues
  • everything else should be discussed on Discourse
  1. Next meeting
  • July 4th at 19:00 Berlin time