Open Collective Event for Summit

I went ahead and used the new Open Collective event functionality to set up an event for the Open Source Design Summit.

You can now register for tickets here:

This will hopefully give us a better idea of who’s planning on being there.

(We can set tiers of tickets apparently, so we could theoretically get companies or organizations to back us).

cc @jan @jdittrich @bnvk @tessgadwa @belenbarrospena @Xaviju @evalica @elioqoshi @Incabell @danila.pellicani @htietze @ei8fdb

We should formalize a schedule. @elioqoshi, you already put something together in GitHub right?


Nice one @simonv3 Just got my ticket :slight_smile:

I agree we should get working on the schedule. Maybe during our next call?

Sure! I’ll actually be able to make that one. Is there a review of how the last one went?

Though I’m not at all sure how to actually see the number of people attending.

The last call I was at was this one

This is also the last set of notes in the GitHub issue. I am not sure there has been any more calls after that one. @evalica or @jan might know.

Just updated the thread for notes of the call :slight_smile: Short: We just talked about non-profit structures since it was just Moritz and me.