Possible co-"Meeting/Summit" with Libre Graphics Meeting?

Hello from the Open Source Design Summit in Tirana! :tada:

We briefly talked about possible locations for the next Summit, and then also thought about a possible collaboration with Libre Graphics Meeting.

Maybe some of you are familiar with the Desktop Summit where GNOME and KDE came together? Not to say we are competing projects – we are super similar and many people are active in both communities, but we should definitely exchange and collaborate more. :clap:

What do you think? @davelab6 @belenbarrospena @xuv @victoria-bondarchuk @elioqoshi @cameralibre @bumbleblue @xaviju @dmichl @Incabell and others? :slight_smile:


I tend to agree. There should probably not be 2 events. And Joining LGM seems to be a good move. There is definitely a lot of overlap between the 2. And we would both benefit of feeling stronger together.

You’re lucky also, the next LGM is in Germany. So close to you right now :slight_smile:


So much +1 to this. We could do 2 days of OSD Summit Summit before LGM and join LGM for the usual schedule and continue working on implementing what we discussed during the 2 days before.

I will be a bit tighter organizing-wise since LGM will probably be in April/May so the dates of our Summit would be pulled ahead, but I think that’s okay.

+1 here too. It makes complete sense.

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Shall we take a decision on this? I see that most people are positive towards doing this.

@davelab6 @xuv @cameralibre @guiguru you are more involved with Libre Graphics Meeting too, right? Who would be a point of contact for this?

@jan Best way to discuss this with Libre Graphics Meeting organizers is to jump in the mailing-list and post a message about it: https://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/libre-graphics-meeting

We would have 100% agreed with such a proposition : - )

Or, at least, I would have…


Some of us were actually at LGM, or at least @belenbarrospena was! :slight_smile:

Belen, did you chat with any of the organizers about a possible co-Meeting/Summit, or how did the connection go in general? :slight_smile:

I didn’t have a chance to talk to anybody, I’m afraid. It was a very short trip :frowning:

@belenbarrospena Already seems that some people came here because of you being at LGM though, like @fanialivio :wink:

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