Libre Graphics Meeting 2018

(Julien Deswaef) #1

Hello Everyone.

Just want to start a thread about the Libre Graphics Meeting that is coming up next year.
Date and location have just been established.
Sevilla, Spain - 26-30 April 2018.
A website for the event is already up:
Call for presentations and workshops will be coming soon.

(Dave Crossland) #2

I’m excited to see LGM return to spain :slight_smile:

(Julien Deswaef) #3

The open call has been posted. You have until January 10th to submit. But i’d say, the sooner, the better.

(Belen) #4

I am definitely submitting something.

@victoria-bondarchuk @Xaviju what about doing something together? It’s in Sevilla :slight_smile:

(Xaviju) #5

Nice! I love Sevilla!
I was a bit disappointed by the last LGM in London (talks were not very interesting for me) but if we prepare something it might be fun and productive. Do you have something in mind? I have some ideas!

(Victoria Bondarchuk) #6

This looks great I would love to join you guys! @belenbarrospena and @Xaviju

(Dave Crossland) #7

The call for papers closes today!