State of Libre Graphics 2019

Sorry, I forgot to get in touch with you…

But, maybe, you can provide a couple of slides and a description in the next couple of days…

Who knows?

The Libre Graphics Meeting 2019 is just around the corner!

As usual, the first conference will be the State of Libre Graphics, where we will give an overview of what has happened during the last year in the world of Libre Graphics.

You’re very welcome to submit three slides for your project. They will be presented by the moderator of the State of Libre Graphics.
Instructions for submitting the slides can be found in the Github repository that will contain all slides:

Don’t hesitate to open a ticket in the repository if you have further questions.

And, of course, you’re very welcome to join us in Saarbrücken!

I am not sure I am going to have time to submit the slides :frowning:

But @ei8fdb and I will be at the conference on Friday, so people can just come and ask what’s going on if they are interested :slight_smile:

i understand!

See you soon in Saarbrücken!

I think it would be great to have slides shown as part of the SoLG. I can help with these as well. Maybe @bumbleblue @jan have an opinion on what to include here as well? We did something similar like this at FOSDEM 2017 I think. @eppfel did that session if I remember correctly.

That would be great if you managed to submit the slides on time. I am kind of swamped at the moment, but I agree it would be nice to be part of the presentation.

You can base the slides on the presentations from FOSDEM maybe?

@elioqoshi I also don’t have time this weekend, so would be cool if you can help – hopefully the status presentations I linked can help?

Sorry, I dropped the ball on this, my bad :frowning: