Libre Planet 2018

(Dina Michl) #1

Hi everyone,
I wanted to open a new thread to see who was planning on attending Libre Planet this year. It’ll be my first time there so I don’t know how it works but I’d love to have Open Source Design represented there if there’s anything we can still do (talk, lightning talk, booth). I have stickers :smile: I can bring.

New York, NY, USA
Boston, MA, USA
(Valessio Soares De Brito) #2

I’m from Brazil and I’m going to participate for the first time too. See that there have already been meetings in Boston or NYC of the OSD here, maybe going on these topics to convene an informal meeting during the LibrePlanet 2018 is a good start. What do you think?

(Philip Durbin) #3

Hi @dmichl! I’ve attended LibrePlanet the past two years and I’m planning on attending again this year. At the event people have tables set up and from what I can tell it would cost $250 for a table (see this PDF linked from the sponsors page). I believe it’s too late to submit a talk, but last year I jumped up and gave an impromptu lightning talk so if you want to give one about Open Source Design, that’s probably an option. It’s a very nice event overall. If you bring stickers, I’ll take one. :smile: Last year @mairin gave a talk about Animated GIFs with GIMP and Bassam Kurdali gave a talk about Procedural 3D animation in Blender, both of which were great. Hi, @valessiobrito!

(Dina Michl) #4

Thank you for all this helpful information! I had a feeling it would have been too late to give a talk, but I’ll probably try to do a lightning talk if I have time. I’m not sure about the table, what do you think? Either way I would love to plan to get together with people. A few people here are coming, so coffee or a drink might be nice :smile:

(Dina Michl) #5

Hello! Yes, I would love to get together for an informal meeting over coffee or drinks. I’ll work on organizing it :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you!

(Dave Crossland) #6

I’m looking forward to attending again this year :slight_smile:

Not booked yet, terrible experience with booking via the Amtrak android app & website, but I plan to take a late train up and down on Friday and Sunday evenings; and stay in an AirBNB :slight_smile:

(Dina Michl) #7

Thank you @davelab6!! You mentioned there is a cafe at the conference, let’s plan to meet there maybe saturday afternoon once we see the schedule etc… We’ll leave a note here and on twitter! Looking forward to meeting everyone!!! happy travels to Boston in the meantime :slight_smile:

(Philip Durbin) #8

It’s my pleasure to announce that the LibrePlanet 2018 website now includes a page for social events, and especially relevant to the Open Source Design community is SpinachCon 2018, described as “a hackfest for user experience and new contributor feedback. The idea is that sometimes free software ‘has a little spinach in it’s teeth’ and it needs its friends to let it know in a friendly way.”

SpinachCon was started years ago by LibrePlanet 2018 keynote speaker Deb Nicholson who continues to organize this fantastic event. I participated in SpinachCon 2016 by gathering feedback on contributing to Dataverse (the open source project I work on as my day job) and this year there will be tables for three projects:

The event will be hosted in my building (1737 Cambridge St., Cambridge, room K354) next Friday, March 23rd from 12:30 until 5pm. All are welcome!

(Alex Gleason) #9

I’ll also be there! Looking forward to seeing everyone. :smiley:

(Philip Durbin) #10

@dmich if you’re still interested in giving a lightning talk about Open Source Design, you can sign up at

(Dina Michl) #11

Thank you SO! much for the information and offer, I am interested, but I cannot make it to Libre Planet this year after all, I’m so disappointed. I hope everyone has a great time and great conference!!!