💸 Open Source Design budget

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #1

Continuing the discusion from the session we had on this at the summit!

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What we currently do

  • Domain payment via Open Collective
  • Stickers sponsored by Wikimedia Germany and Stickermule (initially we used Open Collective)
  • Discourse forum is sponsored by Discourse
  • Summit expenses are sponsored by organizations: Wikimedia Germany, Mozilla, phpList
  • Other events (like FOSDEM, FOSSASIA) we are funded via our day jobs
  • Reimbursements and donations done at https://opencollective.com/opensourcedesign/

What would we do if we had 500.000 $/€? :moneybag:

  • Fellowships (possibly focused on diversity)

    • Work benefits the greater community and experience is shared back

    • Embed a designer in an open source team for 6 months?

  • Improve Diversity in OSD - outreach, support, funding, education

    • Participating in RailsGirls Summer of Code or Outreachy
  • Travel funding for events

  • Full / part time employees for website, logistics etc.

  • Bigger Summit

  • Networked local events

  • Summer of Open Source Design

  • Open Educational Resources (for use in Design Schools etc)

  • Fund development on integration/consistency/interoperability between F/LOSS design tools

  • Work more with students and education

    • Design universities

    • Schools (Partner with Jugend Hackt?)

    • Partner with RailsGirls and Outreachy to bring design values

Potential funding opportunities