Monthly call notes - 2019-09-04

Very rough notes this call!

Attending: Jan, Eileen, Dina, Eriol.


  • Doodle - fill out when you can [

  • Blocker Pull request re. move events needs approving. Consolidation of repositories, Events, Jobs & website etc.

  • Jekell website

  • Re-design is also being blocked by this.

  • Checking that the website is working.

  • Website bug via Eriol

  • Jan is checking this out - Variable

  • Eriol is trying to get support internally from their team.

  • Noscript - block javascript browser extension. Finished CCCamp talk. You can do design for power users. Publish this with the community. Talk was recorded and will post again.

  • Video series on ethical design World interaction Design day.

  • Decentralisation project research connect up folks.

  • Check out the PR spell check, try out and then accept pull request.

  • Apache con application. All organised.

  • FOSS4G

  • Are interested in a design track for the conference and how to engage more designers.


  • Start a thread on forum EF!!! Belen, Katerina especially.

  • Designup!

Signal group get added!

  • Partnerships via Eriol

  • Dina is trying to organise the New york group

  • Electronics Frontier Alliance group is amazing and can we take advantage of it. Talked with organisers. Supporting grassroots orgs in NYC doing local things like cameras in schools etc. How can our group be supportive?

  • Matter-most chat specifically for the EFA side of things. Up to 3 people to join.

  • 9pm calls for NYC OSS groups

  • OSS job board for EFA groups

are there somewhere more infos on that? Sounds interesting!

Nice. I have been reading up a bit on design ethics a bit recently.

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@bumbleblue Can add links for: Video series on ethical design

@dmichl (I think this is the right Dina) can add Electronics Frontier Alliance info


Re. ethical design…I spoke to someone working on a research projects around how to help designers avoid dark patterns and design more ethically if you’re keen on a connection/match-making?

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Depends – I’d be very interested if it is about raising awareness of how dark patterns work and how to point out that they are not ethical. “Avoid” sounds like something that designers can circumvent by having more knowledge, and I guess that would not be my approach here: imho, most dark patterns are not there because designers did not recognize them but because there are business incentives to using them.

Just to clarify: They are looking at ways to support designers in pushing back when they are asked to use dark patterns in companies :slight_smile:

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that sounds good – happy about the connection :slight_smile:

Thanks @Erioldoesdesign for typing up the notes! Here’re the links to what I mentioned.

Molly and I gave a talk on our work with NoScript at #cccamp19, you can watch it here:

Our video series on trust and responsibility in design called Tea Time. We wanted to add our view to the conversation that’s happening on the west coast around “ethical design”. (This is already the second video series we made this year – the first one was made for open source projects interested in design, we called them Design Spots.)

And here’s the thread to the decentralization project :slight_smile:

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Yes, please! This is something we get asked a lot!

Is there a Signal group now?

It was nice meeting you Eriol, thanks for taking notes, I have some clarifications and additional info to help.

“Dina is trying to organize the New york group"
clarification - The NYC group hasn’t been meeting recently and may resume in the future. TBD

“Electronics Frontier Alliance group is amazing and can we take advantage of it. Talked with organizers. Supporting grassroots orgs in NYC doing local things like cameras in schools etc. How can our group be supportive?”
OSD has been part of the EFA since 2018. The EFA is a “grassroots network of community and campus organizations across the United States working to educate our neighbors about the importance of digital rights”. I have been the main contact for our group and attended in person meetings in NYC & Last Vegas (DefCon) and monthly calls. The monthly calls are for all EFA-affiliated groups across the US to update and connect with everyone about their work and seek support if needed. A lot of these groups are small and some are rudimentary but there may be opportunities for us to direct them to our jobs page or work individually with ones that need help closer to our manifesto.

The EFA has just created a Mattermost chat to and extended 3 invites to OSD. One is still available, please DM me if you would like to join.

“9pm calls for NYC OSS groups” The EFA Monthly call with all organizations across the US is usually one Thurs a month (end of the month) at 9pm EST (1am UTC) if anyone in our core group is interested in joining please let me know.