Open Source Design website Review

(Sam Muirhead) #1

From the session at the Summit!

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First impressions: ok, it’s a design site, but this site is boring! where is the color, the fun, the animation?

  • Events & Summit should be the same

  • Goals could be the Manifesto - or the manifesto could be on the front page - or would that be too much content?

  • The landing page should direct people to where they want to go, so maybe the manifesto should be suggested but not forced upon the reader.

  • OSD is people! if newcomers want to find us, they need to find and engage with the forum. We could add a Call to action: Join the forum!

  • Articles and Resources (and possibly Projects ) could be the same: links to resources, tools, articles, frameworks

  • It’s great starting the resources page with FREE STUFF FOR YOU! (noun project, free fonts etc). That way the benefits are immediately apparent and experienced.

  • The Learn to Code , and Learn to Design sections should start with a good article about ’ Why You Should Learn to Code / Why You Should Learn to Design’

  • DESIGNING.MD - encourage projects to have design-specific contributing instructions, maybe provide a template?

Keeping the events etc up to date is a lot of work! Can we do it on Open Collective and embed them on the website?

We could also embed our tweets?

Maybe we could have a 2-sentence intro to the forum on the front page, ie. ‘In our forum you will find [Events](link to Events category on the forum), and you can [Introduce Yourself](link to intro thread) to the community…etc etc’

Proposed navigation links: Manifesto - Resources - Jobs - Events - Forum

We had some mockups from @elioqoshi, where are they? :wink:

@AnXh3L0 @elioqoshi @tereza @jan are up for working on it! Anyone is welcome to join. :slight_smile:

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #2

One thing we also just talked about in the call was that it needs to be very easy to contribute to the site and run it locally to test it.

  • 1 repository (ideally no separation of events and jobs as this always caused problems during the years. People don’t know how to pull it in, and we don’t know where issues are)
  • Easy instructions for installing any dependencies, ideally only 1 command
  • 1 command to get it running / compile it
  • Hint that people can also edit the site using Github’s built-in editor

(Piteco) #3

Is there a branch going on to make these changes? I’ll be glad to participate. Things I can help to achieve:

  • Making a one-script-install, compile and run averything. Electric Books does it with shellscript in a great way, I like their approach.
  • Discuss/improve the mockups.
  • Help with the programming part once we all agree on the visual mockups.