Your opinion on open source design!

Hello!! I’m doing some research into existing open source design communities, and how to make them better (as well as just increasing community engagement for designers overall). If you would like to share what you like or dislike about contributing to open source projects, please do! I also would like to consider the possibility of purely design-related open source work, where digital designers build off work of other digital designers.

If you would like to share more detailed feedback, please fill out this quick [survey]


hi @siimka, welcome to the opensourcedesign forum!

I think you can get more engagement for your survey (at least on this forum), if you specify who “us” is (a group of students? a startup? academic researchers?) and what the “educational purposes” are (were you asked to create a survey for a class on quant research? Is it a side projekt to learn about open source design? etc.)


Hi, I have just completed the survey. It’s great to see that research is being done, thanks for sharing it.
I also agree that giving some details about why and who the survey is for would bring more engagement.

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