OS Heathcare Design... with the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation Public Health effort (https://www.lfph.io/) needs Design.

A Design SIG (special interest group) is congealing to infuse good design practice into open source healthcare infrastructure projects.

A draft missionette for the Design group lives at:

The Slack: lfpublichealth.slack.com

If interested, fire away.
We’re just beginning…

Looking forward,
Juhan Sonin, juhan@mit.edu


Any need for branding?

I’m interested in working with the SIG

I presume there will be some work around brand. Step 1: How close to the Linux Foundation sun is this SIG? What are our code of ethics, code of operations?

Having a mark = good idea Isaac.

Will organize a quickie get-together in the next 7.01 days.
My email = juhan@mit.edu

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Super. We need a kick-off session, what times are generally good for you (and Isaac) over the next week+?

-Juhan, juhan@mit.edu

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Happy to jump in with you guys! :hugs:

I have trouble signing to the slack group. :unamused:

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Ok, will invite you directly from Slack.

Yeah i’m having the same problem

Email me (juhan@mit.edu) or DM here with your email address… this slack is currently invite-only. Will work on that.

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Hi Juhan
Here is my email address

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Hi @juhan, welcome to OSD.

Can you give us a brief idea of what type of design input the SIG is looking for? Or maybe the kinds of design work you’re looking to do?

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Hi @juhan

Thanks for posting to let us know about this initiative. Design is important for every software initiative, but it is probably crucial in matters such as public health.

I guess from my perspective I would love to see a commitment to participatory approaches, involving those who will be using these technologies in the process of making them in meaningful ways. This is not just about validating designs with them or seeking their feedback after the fact, but about making sure they are offered the chance to take part in - and influence - the design process.

I am not a big fan of Slack, but I will be in touch by email to introduce myself.


Meeting invite in da mail, Belen. TY.

Pretty sure the slack link is a ‘login’ link and not invite. Happy to try to pitch in and help.

email if you need is erioldoesdesign@gmail.com

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I wanna help with the brand design part of this project.
Let’s create awesomeness together

The slack link didn’t work!
Kindly try another way.


Please go to Slack.LFPH.io to sign up.
This should work (as of earlier today).

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So the things I mentioned on the community call yesterday were:

  • Having a ‘design lead’ that does much of the interfacing with the OSS project/Linux. That allows for newer designers that haven’t ‘interfaced’ with OSS projects to be supported and deferr their contributions through a point of contact. That person/s can also offer general mentoring and support the designers to ‘stick around’ in a project.

  • I suggested that your planned activities which included ‘Sniffing out early design needs’ would make for great remote workshops/jams/hackathons and recommend the global design sprint methods to do that.

  • I mentioned about how in these OSS design cases you often have to do two way education so designers typically need the OSS education and OSS needs the design onboarding/education.

The last thing I mentioned was the more exposure OSS projects get to many designers the better they’ll know who,how,what and when to talk to them. It’s kind of like…exposure therapy…but for OSS orgs and designers are the tarantulas…

If you wanna drop your plan here @juhan I found that really useful.

I also mentioned Daniel Burka of https://docs.simple.org/design-1/design but many of us are familiar with this OSS design arm of that project.

From the call chat I’m copy pasting this from @jdittrich

What might be a good start: If you ask people who are with the Linux Foundation at this project for some time: What are their pains around design and what would they be open to change to do this?
Also to tease out stuff like: What are the goals? Who is the target group?… (That are questions that do not need to be solved if people self select for scratching their own itch)


Hi Juhan,

How can I help as a junior designer?
I am interested and have time to help with this project.

See u!