OS Heathcare Design... with the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation Public Health effort (https://www.lfph.io/) needs Design.

A Design SIG (special interest group) is congealing to infuse good design practice into open source healthcare infrastructure projects.

A draft missionette for the Design group lives at:

The Slack: lfpublichealth.slack.com

If interested, fire away.
We’re just beginning…

Looking forward,
Juhan Sonin, juhan@mit.edu


Any need for branding?

I’m interested in working with the SIG

I presume there will be some work around brand. Step 1: How close to the Linux Foundation sun is this SIG? What are our code of ethics, code of operations?

Having a mark = good idea Isaac.

Will organize a quickie get-together in the next 7.01 days.
My email = juhan@mit.edu

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Super. We need a kick-off session, what times are generally good for you (and Isaac) over the next week+?

-Juhan, juhan@mit.edu

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Happy to jump in with you guys! :hugs:

I have trouble signing to the slack group. :unamused:

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Ok, will invite you directly from Slack.

Yeah i’m having the same problem

Email me (juhan@mit.edu) or DM here with your email address… this slack is currently invite-only. Will work on that.

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Hi Juhan
Here is my email address