UX Design issues for an OSS Humanitarian tech tool

Hey folks,

I just wanted to surface an OSS project that has open UX issues in their GitHub here: Issues · FederationOfTech/Coalesce · GitHub

It’s worth reading more about the OSS tool called Coalesce here:

Coalesce is a 100% open-source volunteer management platform. Its mission is to make recruiting, onboarding, and managing volunteers as easy as possible. For volunteers, it is made to make finding tasks where you can contribute increadibly simple, allowing you to focus on contributing to the cause that means the most to you.

Coalesce is a Federation of Humanitarian Technologists member project. For more information on the work we do and how to work with us, please see our website.

Some features you can expect from Coalesce are:

  • :mag: Easy browsing of existing volunteer opportunities
  • :loudspeaker: Register new events & recruit volunteers
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Check in volunteers at live events
  • :woman_mage: Generate reports on volunteer activities

Happy to support and mentor any designers interested in contributing to this project - they have a hackathon scheduled for November which you can find out about here: Join our Humanitarian Aid Hackathon to Manage Volunteers — The Federation of Humanitarian Technologists

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