OSS Designers - have you attended hackathons?

Hey folks,

I’m looking for help from y’alls - have any of you ever attended either OSS focussed hackathons or any hackathons generally as a designer contributor? I would love to include you in some of my phd research into design processes in OSS/tech building.

Please send me a DM here or reply and I’ll set up a time where we can chat and I can give overviews!

I actually did one but it was YEARS ago. The project was just a civic data accessibility thing but what stood out was that no one on my team had any UX experience. All I really did was just ask a few focusing questions, sketched out a few things to prompt “oh know, that wouldn’t work” types of things. There was clearly no time for research or testing. It was mostly about getting them to prototype/reflect quickly. It was was low stress and very fun. We even ended up winning the event!

As it was a while ago, I worry it might not be helpful to you. Let me know if there is something else you’re curious about.


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That’s very helpful and super relevant re. the civic data accessibility focus of the tool/tech

I may have more questions as a follow up in the coming months if that’s ok? :smiley:

I did; but I did not end up doing a lot of design work, except for the one time I collaborated on a game.

aside on games and collaboration

I personally think that work on games offers an awesome example for collaboration that is not primarily structured around code; however as it is not, it does not check all the open-source boxes, e.g. it does not scale easily and not all “content” can be plain text.

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