30 sec - 1 min videos about OSS + design wanted!

Hey there OSD! I’m lookinhg for the open source design community to help me out with my Drupal Con Europe keynote (eep! a keynote?!)

I’m less and less convinced that people want to hear me speak and less and less interested in being the solo person on stage talking about open source design issues that everyone has thoughts and opinions on. So, I’d love if you’d like to give me a 30 second - 1 minute video answering any of these questions please do and it’ll show up in my Drupal Con Europe keynote talk!
(also DM me a online payment method like paypal because each video gets a $50 stipend! I have a cap on this number though so I can only have up to 10 videos)

The kinds of questions are:

  1. Why is it important for designers to be part of Open Source Software?
  2. What experiences have you had as a designer in Open Source Software?
  3. What do you want Open Source Software organisations to know about design/designers?
    4. How do you centre users humanity in the Open Source Software you’re part of?
    5. How do you further human rights as an open source designer?

Number 4& 5 I’m particularly interested in!

Drop me a DM if you have questions :smiley:


Is this still open for entries @Erioldoesdesign?

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Yes it is! I’ll get back to people who messaged me today/tonight UK time!