Come be a guest on the Sustaining Open Source Design podcast

Hey everyone!

The group over at Sustain OSS - Design & UX working group has started to publish the episodes of the SOS Podcast which is all about open source software and design with a slight leaning towards how we make OSS and design sustainable and how design makes OSS more sustainable!

and we want more guests to come speak to us! :smiley:

Come speak to us about:

  • Your design contributions to an OSS project!
  • Your thoughts on design in OSS
  • What you what to see happen in the OSS space for designers.
  • OSS tools for designers!
  • And anything else that might be about design & OSS!

Drop me a DM here to ask any questions and Iโ€™ll offer up the link to book the recording :smiley:


Hey Eriol, how about someone form the architecture field? We have a few people over at active with blender, inkscape & other stuff like that. Shall I ask them?

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Yes please thatโ€™d be awesome!