Sustain OSS podcast - Talking about Open Source Design

Shameless (? actually I feel profound shame :sweat_smile: ) self-promotion of the episode I did with the sustain OSS podcast where I talked about design: Sustain Episode 72: Eriol Fox on Open Source Design and Sustain

Remember if you’re keen to chat on a podcast about open source design topics please reach out to me to be on an episode of the design specific podcast:

As long as you are interested in chatting about open-source design then you’d be welcomed! no ‘experience level’ required!


Hey @Erioldoesdesign It was nice listening to you about this group on the monthly call.
Thought to write to you regarding a talk/podcast on the open source WhatsApp chatbot application I’m working on and if you think the community would be interested in it.
Here’s a few details: our product hunt page to give you an idea of the product- Glific - NGOs can uplift millions of lives using WhatsApp chatbot | Product Hunt

Let me know what would be the best way to take this forward. :slight_smile:

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I’ll drop you a DM with the details :smiley: