Podcast about Open Source Design

Tomorrow I will be talking to the good folks from the WeCodeDesign podcast


It is a Spanish podcast and, thanks to their interactions with @Xaviju and @victoria-bondarchuk , they want to do an episode about us!

Because it has to be in Spanish and because @Xaviju thinks it should be a designer talking to them, it has ended up falling onto me. But as usual, it should be a group sort of thing. So, my question for you all is:

What things would you like me to talk about, bring up, you believe is important I mention, etc, etc about our community?



@belenbarrospena Have fun! Looking forward to listen to it!

Very nice @belenbarrospena - have fun. Well I guess they will have their questions so it will come natural, but you could review a bit the interview we gave to Open Collective https://medium.com/open-collective/meet-the-open-source-design-collective-96e81261f76 since it was written collectively at that time :slight_smile: so it’s a good reference.

Don’t forget to mention at the end that they can meet us at FOSDEM, and for more discussions on the forum.


Thanks both! They have asked me to move the recording, so it will happen at the end of July instead of today.

That gives everybody a bit more time to add to this thread!

If someone could summarize the episode in English (once it’s out), I would appreciate it! Have fun, @belenbarrospena!

Awesome! I fully trust you to do OSD justice :wink:

Maybe remember to mention the summit we’re planning in October?

Speaking of…

Ah, yes, good point about the summit. Thanks!

Just an update on dates: podcast recording rescheduled for July 26th.


Cool! :slight_smile: Let us know how it went then, and if there maybe is a text version or a short accompanying blog post for it we can translate. :smiley:

In any case even if it’s only in Spanish, we should then spread the word about it on Twitter and such!

I will and I will let you know when they make it available.

I will try to write something summarising the content, or translate the transcription, depending on how much time I have :slight_smile:

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I can help with content transcription :slight_smile:


Excellent. Transcribing should be feasible between 2. Thanks!

@Xaviju that would be much appreciated!

Hi all,

The recording was supposed to happen yesterday, but we have postponed it to September. I don’t think it makes any difference to us, and after the summer works better for the producers.

I’ll post the new date when arranged.

Haha, this podcast is a tease!


That sounds great! This makes me wonder if we could record our own podcast maybe? Every time we meet at a major event? (OSD Summit, FOSDEM, FOSSASIA, OpenTechSummit). We could gather topics and points people want to talk about and cover them on the podcast. I own a pretty good Rode Podcaster mic so the quality would be solid as well. Basic Audacity skills should suffice to edit the end result. What do you think?


I would absolutely listen to The Open Source Design Podcast or whatever it’s called! :slight_smile:

I love this idea about being an irregular event-based podcast :).