Making shared notes about FOSDEM 2023 talk

@Erioldoesdesign made a good suggestion about trying to make collaborative notes this year about our devroom talks, instead of making lots of individual social media posts.

If you’re at the devroom, either in person or virtually and would like to contribute to the notes about our devroom talks, you can use the individual links below. They are open and editable.

A short link to this post is available.

Shared talk notes

Click on the link, and write. Simples!

Penpot official launch! (Talk link)

Value driven design (Talk link)

Donation Page Design (Talk link)

Creative Freedom Summit Retrospective (Talk link)

Accessibility & Open Source (Talk link)

A11y: EAA, WCAG, WAI, ARIA, WTF? – it’s for the people stupid! (Talk link)

Building a UX Research toolkit (Talk link)

Practical UX at OpenProject (Talk link)


Thanks so much for this @ei8fdb !! I had to go to the airport and missed 07 and 08 and this is just amazing to have!