Cross-posting Sustain Open Source Design Podcast

So, Open Source Design members have a podcast with Sustain, We’ve now recorded over 40 episodes.

I’m curious - I cross-post these on the Sustain Discourse, and on the Sustain Twitter and Mastodon. But we don’t cross-post these on the OSD accounts, and I think that we could. As well, I’m wondering if we should link to it from the OSD webpage. What do you think?

On a similar note - it would be great to have Sustain as an affiliate on the OSD website, and Open Source Collective, too. We are your fiscal host, after all. :slight_smile:


Seems like a good idea! Even posting in the Discourse here for discussion seems like a good idea. But, I’m pretty new here — just one person’s opinion. :+1:


@RichardLitt thank you for sharing the links, I didn’t know we have it. I am currently looking for more info on the topic and it is very helpful for me!

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Thanks for sharing @RichardLitt, I think this will be awesome, and I would love to listen to the new podcasts.

Tagging @core-group

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