Titles next to names

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #1

So that we can get to know each other better and know which kind of cool people from which cool projects hang around here, I set a title for the existing users in the format of:

[Role] at [open source project]

For some I didn’t know the open source project, and some don’t have one. But it would be cool to have a very concise title in that format for everyone.

Check out your title in the user list at https://discourse.opensourcedesign.net/u :slight_smile:

Let me know if anything should be changed. I took the info from the Introduction topic or from websites/Twitter/Github if I could find it. As far as I can see, only admins can change that title.

cc @erlend_sh @blake.erickson is it correct that only admins can set these titles for users?

(Philip Durbin) #2

@jan this just in from https://meta.discourse.org/t/can-a-user-edit-their-user-title/26681/14

Any user can change their title from their Preferences setting to any that are availble to choose from.
If there are none available to choose from the select will show only
The only way to have this title changed to custom text is for Staff to do it.

If you want to have a user filled title field, that’s one thing custom user fields can be used for. Such fields can be displayed on user cards and profile pages.

That said, I don’t see anything about title at all under my user preferences either here or on the meta.discourse site. I hope this helps.

@erlend_sh @blake.erickson as someone who is new to Discourse, I’m a bit surprised that users can’t simply set their own titles. I have to admit that I feel somewhat disempowered. I’m at the whim of the admins to put a description next to my name at https://discourse.opensourcedesign.net/u and it’s an uncomfortable feeling.

(Jdittrich) #3

I find it useful to see who does what. But , if I understand it right,

  1. We would need to maintain titles manually
  2. Some people may not want to be seen as the “Y person from project X”. Maybe they are researcher in their Job, but want to help along on graphic design here.

Both are pretty strong concerns for me.

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #4

I think the usefulness and getting to know others way outweighs the work of manual addition. I just spent a few minutes adding the current titles and am happy to continue it.

And in your example the title could then just say “Graphic designer”. I really don’t think it’s a big issue.

The point of all this is to know what kind of skillsets and which open source projects we have represented here.

(Jdittrich) #5

That seems OK, indeed.

My main concern is that we add some information that user might or might not like to expose. If they do not want it to be exposed (or just wonder), they need to find out where it comes from and this is rather opaque.

I, too, find the titles very useful – my thanks for caring for such information. But that we just add them feels uncanny.

(Maybe we should ask some other people here, since it hinges on social norms/weight-of-concerns)

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #6

That’s why, as said above, I simply copied what people introduced themselves with, or what they use on their public website / Github / Twitter profile already. There is no new or private information.

Where it comes from, that’s what this thread is for to inform people. :slight_smile:

(Jdittrich) #7

Sure. It was not my intent to say that we hack information from somewhere and I also find it potentially useful. I just assumed that how people represent themselves can be a sensitive issue. (In case we would not extract Project/Employer+Role manually, we could still have the option to let them choose the role manually from a list.) But as I said, lets ask some others: @simonv3 @bnvk @elioqoshi – what is your view on that?

(simonv3) #8

How would we go about doing that?

Like I’ve mentioned anywhere, I’m hesitant about doing anything that requires one person to do some manual changes themselves.

This has proven a bottle neck time and again.

(Jdittrich) #9

So it seems to be fine for now and the mid-term future I guess.

(simonv3) #10

Yeah, I did read that, and while I have full faith in @jan and think he’s willing to do this, I just don’t like this in general. But then, it’s not like we have any other option.

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #11

At this point there was more time spent talking about it here than it took me to actually simply do it. So I have no concerns that it’s a bottleneck or not doable. :wink:

(Heiko Tietze) #12

Didn’t find this option and the role setting might be restricted to admins when I read @pdurbin’s comment. So please change my title to “UX mentor @ LibreOffice” (or whatever the default is for @). TIA!

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #13

@htietze sure, done :slight_smile:

(Graham Perrin) #14

About yourselves – the ‘About me’ preference

With or without a title: completion of this field allows the reader to know about the writer:

  • with a single click, whilst reading a topic
  • without stepping away from the topic (to things such as lists of users).

I guess that Simon has not yet completed the field:

Mine was empty until this morning. Completion of the field:


Less terse examples:





The Title preference disappeared as a result of someone hiding badges.

I have re-enabled badges so that any regular user should be able – when the related trust level is reached – to choose a badge as his or her title.

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #15

@grahamperrin badges though are not very good for information about that person. The titles are not about what the people make in regards to this forum, but what they do in regards to open source (and maybe design). :slight_smile:

Also, this is about the titles being shown next to the name without hovering their name or visiting their profile.

Hence it would also be cool if you can give yourself an explanatory title in that manner. :wink:

(And yeah, I disabled badges because they are pretty annoying and distract people from the actual happenings in the forum. You get notifications for any little thing and it drowns out the really important info like @-mentions or private messages. That’s why I think they should also be disabled again.)

(Graham Perrin) #16

No, not over time :wink:


https://meta.discourse.org/tags/badge – plenty of discussion there.

(Graham Perrin) #17

Titles next to names

For those of you who have entered a name:

  • names are now visible

– hopefully no objections. Names were already visible to the public, including NLI views, in cards and so on.

An example:

(Graham Perrin) split this topic #18

2 posts were split to a new topic: Pros and cons of some of the badges

Pros and cons of some of the badges
(Graham Perrin) split this topic #20

A post was merged into an existing topic: Pros and cons of some of the badges

(Graham Perrin) #21

How did you feel about the role that I chose after I changed it from Leader?

I prefer to not tell other people what to do with their avatars or roles.