Pros and cons of some of the badges

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #1

Good stuff @grahamperrin! I also tried to enable that but didn’t seem to work.

The big issue with badges is that they are annyoing to newcomers on the forum and really noisy. That’s why I disabled them and would like to keep them disabled. Even I just got 4 more useless badge notifications which were drowning out the 2 important ones.

Titles next to names
Titles next to names
(Graham Perrin) #2

Please be specific. Which four? Then I’ll branch into a new topic about badges.


(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #3

Just some examples of annyoing badges:

Does anyone of you disagree with disabling the badges again @simonv3 @evalica @jdittrich @victoria-bondarchuk @belenbarrospena @ei8fdb @eppfel?

Also @grahamperrin as stated in the original post, for the title let’s please use the format of

[Role] at [open source project]

If you don’t have anything to fill out then it would be better to leave it empty. I know as an admin it’s tempting to just go for something funny, but »fuzzchops gusto kitten« just doesn’t mean anything to other people and is simply confusing. :slight_smile:

Titles next to names
(simonv3) #4

I personally don’t mind the badges, kind of like them, but I’ve definitely earned a couple of them more than once, so it felt a bit buggy.

(evalica) #5

I like the gamification aspect, so I don’t mid the badges (since I’m a completionist and I would like to have them all :slight_smile: ). Ideal we could select what badges we display since some are more nice than the others, but again this is subjective.

(Belen) #6

Like @jan, I quite dislike them and would be happy to see them go.

Having said that, I’ve developed some kind of badge blindness, so if others enjoy them, I wouldn’t want to be the one taking them away :wink:

(Jdittrich) #7

I had some badges popping up in the beginning but they stopped to appear. Either way, I neither mind them nor find them particularly useful. I assume they can be good for beginners, though, at least badges motivated me in my first interactions on stackoverflow. I personally knew the community and so I was motivated to have first interactions anyway, but that kind of population is rather limited, which might be a slight pro for having them.

Is there any research/data on that badges pro/con topic?

(Jdittrich) #8
  • I find the ones with fixed rates (“received 50 likes”) not useful, 50 can be hard or very easy to reach, depending on community.
  • I find the ones for long term users not very useful; It is subjective, but I assume badges mainly motivate newcomers.

Talking about nice, what about changing the omnipresent fa-certificate to fa-paint-brush ? :slight_smile:

(Graham Perrin) #9

Discourse Meta

I began reading some of the relevant topics a couple of months ago. In no particular order:


There’s more, beyond Discourse Meta … I might wait until after the audience here has broadened.

(Graham Perrin) #10

Can you recall which two, or (roughly) when? Thanks.

(simonv3) #11

Not really unfortunately. I feel like I received a couple of the “First x” ones a couple of times. Or what may have happened is that I definitely had used something once, and then when I used it a third or fourth time, did I get a “First x” badge. Maybe discourse throttles the rate at which you get badges?

(Graham Perrin) #12

Thanks for the feedback. I see nothing recent that might match what you describe, neither have I noticed any duplication from other Discourse instances that I joined in recent weeks … although one or two of those might be unusual.

Let’s be watchful for reports from future users.

In the meantime, if improper repetition is suspected, what’s here may be a good hint: