FYI: System icon change

(Jdittrich) #1

FYI, I changed the icon for @system to the OSD logo. Due to creating job discussions, the user appears often now and the gray cogwheel made the board look rather tech-y.

Little problem: Since the avatar pictures are round, it looks like the “old” round logo which we ditched.

(simonv3) #2

awesome, thanks jan!

also: how do people feel about me archiving some of the older jobs that get auto-created? that way they’re not polluting our forum.

(Jdittrich) #3

I would feel pretty good about this; Good idea.

(Philip Durbin) #4

Much better. Thanks for fixing this, @jdittrich!

(simonv3) #5

Looks like it’s overflowing a bit though?