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I just noticed that @simonv3 is still in the admin group. Considering he stepped down from the core group recently (temporarily, I hope! :slight_smile:), we should probably free up that spot for another person. (We have a limit of 5 admin spots since this instance is graciously provided to us for free by Discourse themselves!)

:gear: The 4 current admins are @belenbarrospena @evalica @jdittrich @jan – as result of the voting last year.

:woman_technologist: As 5th we should probably go for someone from the @core-group: – except those already admins that would be @ei8fdb @dmichl @elioqoshi @Incabell @victoria-bondarchuk

What does everyone think?


Totally agree with that. Thanks @simonv3 for all of your hard work!

I’d be happy to be an admin unless there is anyone else who would like to take that role on instead.


People that interested in the position should state it here.

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I’m happy to do it; but also want to nominate @elioqoshi for it. He’s very active and I think would be a reliable choice :slight_smile:

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Hi Jan! this sounds like fun, what type of responsibilities come with being an admin? Im interested!

Sorry for the late reply! :slight_smile:

@lama_89 the thing about admins is that they are in control of everything, including being able to read private messages (although ethically none of us would do it). We described this in the voting last year at The five members of staff - #17 by jan and decided:

Everyone nominates 5 people they absolutely trust to be admins of this forum, based on factors such as time of involvement, having met them in person or having had a call with them, history of good decisions, engagement in the community, organization of events, commitment to openness, etc.

@lama_89 hope that explains it? So it would be awesome to see you stick around in the community, join events and maybe give a talk at our FOSDEM design devroom? :slight_smile:

Because some time has passed and @elioqoshi stated he’d be happy to do it and was also nominated by @dmichl, I now made the change. :slight_smile:


Hey Jan! thanks for letting me know. Absolutely and i totally understand, I would love to participate with the community and would love to learn more about the FOSDEM design devroom and what kind of talk, topics your interested in.



@lama_89 the call for participation is described in the first post of the topic on Call for Participation: Open Source Design Devroom at FOSDEM 2019 :slight_smile:

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