Open Source Design core/board

Over the years we had a number of active people in OSD who would maintain our presence online and offline. We started with a Signal group where a handful of us are in. We are now however 19 people in the core Signal group which creates a few issues:

  • Lots of discussions happening which should be broader than just to those people
  • Unclear what decision-making process should be followed for critical actions (spending money, digital infrastructure)
  • Unclear responsibilities

I’d like to propose creating a Core Board with 5 or 7 members who are able to direct OSD plans and open up more decentralized initiatives (like events) among wider channels. A board member would be able to propose and vote on initiatives and these would require the majority of the votes to be implemented. Ideally there would be a max of 1 or 2 members affiliated from the same organization in order to limit influence over a single organization in OSD.

A writeup of the current status: Open Source Design core team

Let me know what your thoughts are!

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I think a core board would make sense. What I think should/could be done before however, is to clarify responsibilities for different working areas like website, events. This would also make more clear where board oversight is needed.

The limited-members of org clause makes sense.

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