Titles next to names

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #22

Not sure what you had between Leader (which is also very confusing) and the current one.

Well, we’d like to build a useful forum here, and using these titles to show from which a diversity of projects and skillsets the members come makes a lot of sense. If you disagree, feel free to not set your own title. However just going against the proposal because as an admin you can do that feels strange, no?

(Graham Perrin) #23

No one title reflects the diversity.

(Graham Perrin) #24


Even if all five future local staff will be willing to share the task of periodically adding and changing titles, I suggest not giving yourselves another routine.

To me, the lists of users e.g. https://discourse.opensourcedesign.net/u appear fine. When more substantial content appears in the upper categories of the forum, readers might find themselves focusing more on the content than on the meta of who wrote it.

Food for thought

Discourse aside for a moment, compare:

– the minimalist approach is, simply, interest in what’s written (not disinterest in authors).

Defocusing from the MacRumors example: in any forum where contentious discussion will be inevitable, it helps to have a UI/UX that subtly encourages the reader to read without prejudice; to look first at what’s written (not who wrote it, their stature, where they are in the world, and so on).

IMHO Discourse gets the balance right.

(The MacRumors examples are quite extreme.)

Basic membership (free from a title)

I was, still am, happy without a title :slight_smile: