Bootstrapping the Open Source Design Discourse community - TODO list

I thought it might help to organise our efforts and delegate if we discussed the things staff need to do to kick off the Discourse community. This is my first foray in to forum moderation/administration, so bear with me. Here’s a list of things that I see need to be done. Feel free to add/edit.

  • Invite GitHub OSD members (see discussion).
  • Decide how/when to invite staff.
  • Finalise Discourse statement of purpose (see discussion).
  • Migrate GH Issues to Discourse.
  • Create seed discussions.
  • Decide on all the relevant meta issues that are bubbling in GH Issues (logo, goals, etc).
  • Tweak settings like private lounges.
  • Decide when to open to the masses.
  • Update the OSD website.
  • Promote the forum.
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Thanks @studiospring, all good.

I took the liberty of moving this topic:

  • from the Staff area
  • to the less exclusive Lounge.

There may be a handful of newcomers today, some will gain an elevated level of trust (for access to this lounge, and so on). I reckon, it’ll be good for those trusted newcomers to see your thinking points but if you’re in doubt, please revert to the Staff category.

Migrate GH Issues to Discourse.

Readers should not be alarmed by that prospect :slight_smile: – migration can be performed very selectively. Introducing GitHub Issues to Discourse - plugin / extras - Discourse Meta opens with a link to the tool.

I imagine seeking permission, in GitHub, to experiment with:

  1. first, migration of just one test issue
  2. then, migration of a handful of issues.

With a reasonable set of action points in this topic, it should take not too long to reach a point where this issue can be notionally closed:

– but I’ll not rush to close it. It could be a good candidate for migration :slight_smile:

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Although I have no problem with GitHub, not sure why in my heart I have some resistance to all these changes :slight_smile:

So my first reaction is that there are so many topics open, not sure what to put where: on GitHub or on here. I am sure somewhere it was discussed and ‘categories’, but I didn’t read it :slight_smile: and I won’t read it :slight_smile: except if it jumps under my eyes :slight_smile:

Anyway, regarding some remarks about the list items:

  • Invite GitHub OSD members.
    Not sure what’s the plan here. We have lots of members, but I don’t think they should be invited / ported here. It was ok to be part of one organization, but having 2 places to be part of / invited might be too much.
    So not sure what you mean by this point: do you plan to make a script and send invites to all current members? I think this should come organic. If there are interesting topics discussed / listed in Discourse, I think people will join. I don’t think manual invitations are required.

  • Update the OSD website
    I think this is the most important part. We need to promote the ‘service’ and people will use it, if they see benefit, not because they’ve received an invite. So the website needs to list the ‘service’ and we should send a Tweet about it (not sure if you have other ideas in mind in the “Promote the forum” point).

  • Migrate GH Issues to Discourse.
    Same thing on the migration. Not sure how will have the time to migrate them, and I guess things will get confusing. We should wait for the open ones to close, but decide that new items related should go here.

  • Decide when to open to the masses.
    IMO this should go ASP. That was the whole reason for the forum. I see you want some kind of preparation, but I would just let people create content on it and use it.

  • Configuration
    Is there a way to remove the “Suggested Topics” gadget at the bottom of each topic? I find it to crowd the interface and I personally just don’t care about it. I would prefer to have things simpler now, especially since I’m a bit overwhelmed.

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Yeah, I agree with @evalica about opening this to the masses. I don’t see a very good reason about holding that off in any significant way. There’s no reason that newcomers to OSD wouldn’t be active and get stuff done right away (just look at @studiospring and @grahamperrin, who I would consider pretty new :wink: and are kicking ass so far). I get wanting to make the onboarding smoother, but we can figure that out along the way I think.


Please see preparations for use of Discourse for · Issue #79 · opensourcedesign/organization · GitHub

From Bylaws · Issue #12 · opensourcedesign/organization · GitHub

  • How We Plan To Achieve … and the text that follows could become a link, Realisation of goals

– linking to, maybe, to

Organisationally, people are currently funnelled into GitHub and (to lesser degrees) IRC and Twitter.

Organisationally, I feel that this forum should be complementary, but I don’t know whether, or how, the complementarity should be expressed at /by-laws/ or /organisation/ or wherever.


Yesterday I read a few more of the topics at praise - Discourse Meta, there are very diverse use cases.

I reckon that here for OSD we can safely let people just go with the flow, for as long as feels good.

Attention to categorisation and tagging need not be rushed.

From preparations for use of Discourse for · Issue #79 · opensourcedesign/organization · GitHub

github_client_secret for opensourcedesign

– no need to reply to that here; it will probably come under the umbrella of site administration.

@evalica, I am in the middle of creating a script to get member emails, just to notify them of the existence of this forum. Only about 10% of members have made their emails public, so it will only be of limited effectiveness.

I also agree about organic growth, but to improve the odds of success, I don’t see any harm in boosting publicity to build critical mass.

@grahamperrin, I think everyone would appreciate some news on the development and reasons behind github_client_secret, if only to explain what is holding us up.

Agree with @evalica on most points.

As I wrote on Github at preparations for use of Discourse for · Issue #79 · opensourcedesign/organization · GitHub

  • Github remains the platform to talk about specific focused work items.
  • Discourse is more for general discussion, fostering the larger community.

We need to really pay attention that we don’t divide the focus (by just migrating all Github issues), but use each platform for what it’s best at.

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I’m hoping things will work out of their own accord, but you are right, it may require some discipline. Let’s see what happens. It may not be an issue and it is not really clear what is the best way to separate discussion.

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@jan, please, would you like to explain? Thanks.

@jan hi, just checking whether you saw the second e-mail that I sent in the early hours of this morning (01:10)

Early afternoon now, I’m knocking off work early aiming to catch up on sleep. The past few days have been intense :slight_smile:

Same! Way past my bedtime. Don’t burn yourself out!

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I’d like to move this topic to the Public lounge.

@studiospring (opening poster): OK with you?

To everyone else: if you’d like to flag any post as potentially problematic, you may use features (such as flagging) that are integral to Discourse. Thanks.

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How about Site Feedback? You choose.

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Yeah, this is better. (I did think first of this category … must have been subconsciously overtaken by the word Public. A good thing.)

Yes – post 3 under External link target setting not being respected - support - Discourse Meta

The default has been changed and tested by me, would you like to check for yourself?

Maybe try any/all of the links from within the Welcome … topic.

Doesn’t seem to work for me yet for the top sticky welcome message. Will test again later.

AFAIR from something in Discourse Meta, a client side browser refresh may be appropriate.

Also please be familiar with:

  • the hamburger menu
  • to the right of the hamburger, the menu beneath your avatar (I guess it’s called the personal menu, something like that)

– you’ll find personal preferences (the cog icon), including Open all external links in a new tab

Thanks, and if it continues to not work for you we should swing over to Discourse Meta.

I am very familiar with Discourse :wink: we use it at Nextcloud with quite a big userbase:

All the interface elements are pretty standard, so I don’t think there’s anything really to school people about. :slight_smile:

Regarding the issue: I just opened it in a private tab, the issue remains. But we can just see if it’s a timing issue.

Btw, can any admin change the title of the site from »open source design« to »Discourse – Open Source Design«? (Again, small things like this is why we should have multiple admins to prevent bottlenecks.)

Great to know that you’re familiar with Discourse.

As far as I recall: when I (too) found the issue after changing the preference at a site level, it was resolved immediately after changing the preference at my user level.


Can you provide a shot from your view of your preferences? Thanks.

Please: did it test OK?