Introductions (come in, say hi)

Github Username: khallow7
Location: Kashmir, India

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Hello! My name is Annie (she/her) and I was introduced to this community by @jan :smiley:

I am a user researcher and designer from New York. I graduated from Columbia in 2021, where I studied the intersection of technology, society, and power as an Information Science and Art History major. I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Knight Foundation, The Marshall Project, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The book Design Justice outlines much of what I aspire to!

I just moved to Berlin yesterday and love to sing, make pottery, practice yoga, and meet new people :blush: I’m looking forward to learning from this community and hope I can contribute somehow in the future.


Hello Open Source Designers! My name is Idris, and I’m a visual designer from Lagos, Nigeria :nigeria:. I previously worked as a product designer for Vipre Security Group and have experience in advertising, fashion, lifestyle, and ed-tech industries. I was inspired by open source after attending Unstack.Africa in 2021, where I discovered the power of crowdsourcing and engaging with communities through new technology.

I enjoy binge-watching documentaries on Youtube and engaging with content that broadens my world interest. I am excited to be part of this group, meet other members, and share ideas. Please feel free to add my GitHub profile: Edrees-creator (Idris Ayinde) · GitHub


Welcome @Edrees-creator and @anniekim ! :smiley:

We have a monthly community call at 19.00 CEST every first Wednesday of the month Open Source Design monthly call - Open Source Design and please let me know if you want to be added to our regional github teams - I would need a github username and country/city.

Hi @Erioldoesdesign , Thanks for the welcome and the invitation. I want to be added to the regional GitHub teams. Here is my GitHub username: Edrees-creator (Nigeria/Lagos)

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Hi everyone!

I’m Víctor, a product designer based in Uruguay. I started my career making physical products around 2007; then, I moved to the digital world. I’m passionate about design at any scale, from the interior of a building to the minimum button of an interface. I share my hobbies between photography and technology (I started making guides for Ifixit because just as we can collaborate with a code in the open source world, I believe that it is excellent to extend the useful life of specific equipment). It’s a pleasure to join the community, learn, collaborate, and share experiences.


Hello everyone! I’m Maya, a Nigeria-based UI/UX designer who is so passionate about understanding users and creating meaningful and usable digital products. I recently started my career this year and I’m also enrolled in the Google Professional UI/UX course, where I’m currently at stage 6. It’s an honor to be a part of this community; nice to meet you all meet you all.

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Thank you for the invitation. I’m sad to have missed this month’s community call. My github is ak4308. I’m based in Berlin :slight_smile: Thanks again!