Introductions (come in, say hi)


I am Dhruvi. I am a product designer based out of India. Design makes my boring life interesting duh. I love open source and have contributed to it as a developer but never though open source design could work. Excited to contribute and learn design.



My name is Ijelekhai Faith Olohijere(call me Snow), from Nigeria. I am a student of Economics and Development Studies, I love designing and volunteering. Currently, I am a contributor at FreeCode Camp where I write design related articles.

I’ve been looking for a forum where I would be able to interwine my passions-designing and volunteering-and someone recommended the OSD forum.

It’s great to be here!

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Hi My name is Rebecca Olawumi from Nigeria. I am currently a student and a newbie in Product Design.
I am here primarily to learn more about Open Source and contribute to it.
I also hope to find a job soon.

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Hello! :wave: I’m Pete Gordon from Ohio, USA. I’m a Software Engineer, Developer, Designer. My interests are particularly in touch and pen interfaces, web3 smart contracts (Stellar, CosmWasm), NextJS/React frontends, Postgres/SQLite and most recently InfluxDB databases.

I’m interested in working more with Excalidraw and PenPot design and create tools, and hopefully one day contributing to.

I learned of this OSD community from the Open Source Design Africa community and a recent Twitter space they held.

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@Dhruvi16 @OlohiFaith1 @Rebeccaolawumi @petegordon Welcome all! :smiley: if you’d like to be added to our github teams that are location based let me know: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

we have our monthly community calls on the first Wednesday of every month: Open Source Design monthly call - Open Source Design

You can starts threads here in the forum about any topic you’d want to discuss about design and open source :smiley: we’re so happy you’re here

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Good day everyone, learned how to join and contribute to the OpenSourceDesign from Twitter.

My name is Emmanuel Johnson. My stack is Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Bubble, Webflow, and WordPress and I am also a UX Writer.

I am looking for a place where I can contribute and at the same time learn from people through collaboration and teamwork

Look forward to meeting amazing people here