FOSDEM 2023 organisation

Since we’ve started talking about FOSDEM logistics in the past few days, we can keep track of what to do using the great FOSDEM to-do list that has been passed down for generations.
The exact dates for some of these tasks depend entirely upon when the FOSDEM organisers respond. this list is a more general overview of the things we would need to do, if anyone is interested in volunteering :slight_smile:

Steps and tasks 2023

Keep an eye on FOSDEM organising news
Write and submit proposal for Design Developer Room on
Decide who will be Primary and Secondary contact:
Primary contact gets notified about the devroom application answer by e-mail from FOSDEM organiser | 31 October (latest)
Accepted devrooms get published on | 31 October
Find out from FOSDEM how speakers will tell devroom organisers if they are speaking in person or remote | Deadline: 5 November (latest - start as soon as possible)
Primary contact neeeds to confirm they’re on the FOSDEM devroom-managers email list
Create FOSDEM 2023 OSD devroom Call for Participation content | WIP | Deadline: 3 November (latest)
Create Call for Participation event on | Example | Deadline: 5 November (latest - start as soon possible after devroom announcement)
Create Call for Participation article on | Example | Deadline: 5 November (latest - start as soon possible after devroom announcement
Update the date in the event for the track when it is announced | Deadline: as soon as dates are announced
Update the date in the article for the track when it is announced | Deadline: as soon as dates are announced
Submit proposal for Stand on | Deadline: 15 November
Advertise we’re looking for “new” speakers | Deadline: as soon as devroom is accepted
Outreach with people who might be interested in talking but could do with some help, possibly Twitter AMA or post in discourse like we did before | Deadline: as soon as possible after CfP is released
Promote the CfP to friendly places. on social media and Open Source mailing lists | Deadline: as soon possible after CfP is released
E-mail the CfP to the FOSDEM devroom managers list (ask Bernard to find it later) | Deadline: as soon as the CfP is created
Propose deadline extension, check with other OSD members in discourse | Deadline: 10 December
Update CfP deadline on Open Source Design website | Deadline: as soon as we know the extended deadline
Publicise the deadline extension on social media, OSD forum, and other locations | Deadline: as soon as we know the extended deadline
Devroom organisers keep an eye on the mailing list for the devroom location allocation email
Update call for proposals with devroom location once FOSDEM organisers notify devroom managers email list | Deadline: as soon email is released
Create the session proposals review spreadsheet | example | Deadline: 5 December (latest, start as soon as devroom is accepted)
Create review post for community members to vote on discourse | Deadline: 5 December
Send thank you email to all who submitted, including small survey | Deadline: 7 December
Final talks decided after community votes for talks | Deadline: 10 December
The acceptance / rejection notifications to speakers via pentabarf | Deadline: 12 December

  • For remote speakers include video / Q&A guidelines
  • For all speakers include helpful info

Publish OSD developer room complete schedules on | example | Deadline: 15 December (latest)
Write video review templates for remote speakers | Template | Deadline: 20 December
Locate/create promotional materials (stickers, banners) for opensourcedesign | Deadline: TBD
Organize the open source design dinner | Deadline: TBD
Create cloud volunteering poll to cover time at devroom | Deadline: 16 January
Send reminder for remote speakers to submit their videos | Deadline: 16 January
Receive videos from remote speakers | Deadline: 18 January (2 day stretch to 20 January)
Review videos from remote speakers | Deadline: 25 January (latest, start as soon as videos are received)
Send remote speaker email saying 1) requesting video changes, OR 2) confirming their video is ok | Deadline: 25 January
Send reminder for in-person speakers they are talking at FOSDEM | Template | Deadline: 25 January
Received updated videos from remote speakers | Deadline: 30 January (give 1 days stretch to 31 January)
Upload videos to cloud (in case primary/secondary contact can’t make it) so they can be downloaded locally at devroom | Deadline: 1 February
Have call with devroom volunteers to logistics of the day | Deadline: 1 February
Open Source Design Dinner + picture | Deadline: 1-2 February
Handle the devroom logistics videobox | example | Deadline: 3-4 February
Open Source Design Devroom sessions | Deadline: 4-5 February
Open Source Design Devroom picture | example | Deadline: 4-5 February
Cover the event on Twitter | example | Deadline: 4-5 February
Review the videos recording start/end times for the talks in order to be published | Deadline: 1 March
Create FOSDEM 2023 slides folder on OSD Github | example | Deadline: 1 March
Submit talks slides on opensourcedesign GitHub | example | Deadline: 1 March
Write post event article on | example Deadline: 15 February
Provide a link to the video recordings | example | Deadline: 31 July


cc @ei8fdb @Erioldoesdesign @brownie


:laughing: We have @evalica to thank for that heirloom. :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting in the time last night @nim. I know it took some time but it was worth it in the end especially figuring out how to handle the inclusion of the 3-4 remote talks.


I hope you don’t mind if I use this thread for the stand organising as well.

The deadline for submitting a stand request is 15 November. A stand gives you a table during the 2 days in the stands area so that you can interact with the community as they pass by. The information about the call for stands is at

And the form we need to complete is at

The form has some additional questions this year, but the submission we used in 2019 should provide a good starting point. It’s at

Any volunteers to organise the stand this year? You won’t be on your own: we’ll be around to help you all along :slight_smile: Reply in this thread if you’d like to take this on.

Happy to organise the stand for 2023 - I’ve started filling out the form here:

will ping folks for feedback when it’s ready for review!

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Hello everyone! Some important news: The OSD devroom has been accepted for FOSDEM 2023!
The slot allotted is the second half of Sunday only, because of the high number of applications this year. There is no info about if would be a virtual component, but we will have to wait for that I guess.

Nevertheless, the fact that we’ve been accepted means that we can start doing more organisational stuff, and to discuss that @ei8fdb and I would be hanging out at the OSD Jitsi room on Wednesday 09.11 at 19:00 CET. Anyone who is interested in being involved can join as we would be going over some of the immediate next steps :slight_smile:


Thanks @Erioldoesdesign

Hiya @Erioldoesdesign @kirakirawes also expressed interest in writing the stand submission.

The submission deadline is 15th November.

Tomorrow on the FOSDEM organising call, @nim and I will be reviewing the CfP so we can publish it.

Would you have the stand application ready for review tomorrow, or elae we can work on it tomorrow. What do you think?

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I will be joining the call today.

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@brownie @nim and I worked on the CfP this evening. @brownie took responsibility for creating the file, making the commit, and the PR. :tada: So it’s now live:

So we can now advertise it to social media, mailing lists, friends and people who might be interested.

(@brownie @nim: The reason it wasn’t publishing when we were waiting was it had the wrong status. I updated the status from future to upcoming and it went live. All good now.) :+1:


Awesome! will you be making the social media post?

No no, you go ahead and do it.

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OK, I could do that. I think I have access to our twitter.

I just made the tweet.


During the monthly call yesterday someone suggested we designate a place and time to meet during FOSDEM. After some deliberation, we decided we’ll camp on the main cafeteria from 10:00 to 12:00 on Saturday. We’ll bring some signs so that you can spot us. We’ll be sitting down at one of the big tables there.

See you on Saturday in Brussels!