FOSDEM 2024 call for devrooms has opened


Here it is: FOSDEM 2024 - FOSDEM 2024 call for devrooms

It is time to make a new thread for 2024?

Like the one from this year?

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Thanks for kicking off this thread! Indeed, the call for devrooms has opened, and as we do every year, one person who has organised before and another person who is new and interested organise the Open Source Design devroom together. I would be happy to help organise it this year too, thanks to all the wisdom @ei8fdb and @belenbarrospena bestowed upon me last year, and @gvlx has also volunteered to help out :slight_smile: Is anyone else interested in helping out? :slight_smile: We would mostly coordinate with speakers and the FOSDEM organisers themselves, and in the process we get to meet a lot of fun people and also bragging rights :wink:

So, with all of that in mind, what we know about this year’s FOSDEM:

  • the event is on the 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday) of Feb 2024
  • the call for devrooms closes on 15 Oct 2023 so we would have to get our application in by then
  • the talks would be only in person this time, no virtual talks, but there is a livestream and chat so participants can join remotely

I would say we start the organisation thread once we have been accepted for a devroom, that way we have a good idea of how many talks we would need, deadlines, etc.

Any feedback on last year’s FOSDEM or anything we want to see this year is more than welcome! I have pasted last year’s devroom application below, let us know what you think! It would also be nice to highlight some of the cool things OSD has taken part in since last FOSDEM in the devroom application, (@SaptakS mentioned the Creative Freedom Summit and it is also definitely worth mentioning Penpot Fest). We can submit it by the end of next week and then plan out the rest :slight_smile:

Here is last year's devroom application

FOSDEM 2023 devroom application

FOSDEM devroom application form: FOSDEM24 - Devroom submission

Project details

Title of devroom: Open Source Design

Elaborate description of proposed devroom (including possible topics): The Open Source Design devroom is where designers and Free and Open-source Software (FOSS) projects meet. When we say ‘design’ we mean it in the broadest sense - user research, user-interface and interaction design, information architecture, accessibility, usability, visual design, typography, illustration, iconography, branding and graphics – all in the context of FOSS projects. Design in Free and Open-source Software, we believe introduces unique challenges.

Design is a growing part of FOSS. Projects now consider design practices and how to do these in an ‘Free and Open Source way’ from cultural, practical and sustainable points of view.

Designers themselves and other contributors (community managers, project managers etc.) working with designers (or on a design-minded project) are welcome to submit proposals. We want to hear not only from designers about design, but the key stakeholders and FOSS communities that are vital to design’s success in projects.

Possible topics include:

  • FOSS design tools
  • How to do design in FOSS spaces - short practical skills session
  • Design techniques and deliverables
  • Design as critical digital infrastructure and Usability as a critical part of FOSS tools.
  • Design and engineering/software dev collaboration approaches
  • User engagement and design research activities
  • Results from Design Research for FOSS tools
  • Doing design in FOSS projects: case studies

Why does it fit FOSDEM?:

Open Source Design has been present at FOSDEM since 2015, when we organised our first devroom.

Our main purpose is advocating human-centered design within FOSS. Our devrooms have been well attended (regularly reaching capacity. Over 240 online attendees during 2022 online), and we have seen strong demand for design contributions.

We want to continue to build our Open Source Design community, that focuses on how humans use technology, and has usability at the centre of its existence. We value the space that FOSDEM has provided us over the years, and would like the opportunity to be there again in 2023.

Preferred slot: Full day (Saturday)

Preferred devroom kind (Physical vs virtual): Prefer physical (but would accept virtual participation)

Contact information

Primary contact

Pentabarf username of devroom primary: bernard
First name: bernard
Last name: xx
E-mail: xx
Submitter’s affinity to the topic of the devroom: Open Source Design community member (core group)

Secondary contact

First name: nimisha
Last name: xx
E-mail: xx

At least the pentabarf username for the secondary contact should be added. If you want to add multiple contacts, write their pentabarf username, one per line.

Additional pentabarf ids: nimisha, eriolfox, brownie

Additional information

Relevant URLs:

Special requirements: Ground floor accessible room for mobility aids e.g. wheelchairs, cane users, service animal users etc.


It’s done! We have submitted an application for the devroom (and @Erioldoesdesign took care of the stands!) Now we wait and hope for the best :crossed_fingers:

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Accepted developer rooms!

Open Source Design