FOSDEM 2021 - open source design organisation thread

We spoke briefly about FOSDEM 2021 in the last monthly meeting but here’s our official thread!
FOSDEM 2021 will take place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February 2021 as an online event.

If people could reply to this if they are interested in doing organisation for FOSDEM 2021 for the open source design community. I expect we’ll need to ask/pitch for a open source design ‘room’ again and I’d appreciate some of the people who have done this before advising how we get a room :smiley:

The kinds of things we’ll need to do once we know if we have a room or not:

  • Create a call for proposals
  • Maintain and decide on the talks accepted and schedule timings
  • Assess any speaker needs. (equipment, wifi/data costs)
  • Virtual booth and virtual ‘UX clinic’?
  • Can we make virtual swag? stickers/twitter/mastodon images? Some kind of photo filter? idk
  • Anything else!