Fosdem 2022

FOSDEM 2022 will take place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 February 2022. It will be an online event.

We should have a think about how we want to divide up next years tasks which typically include:

  • Applying for a devroom once announced

  • Running an open source design devroom call for proposals

  • Updating our website with event details

  • Organising anon reviews of talk pitches

  • Helping speakers develop talks, record and possibly checking over recordings

  • Checking in with the online tech for FOSDEM and setting up (matrix etc.)

  • Volunteering during the conf.

    • Social threads
    • Hosting rooms
    • Hosting Q&A’s
    • Tech support/comms with fosdem team
    • Speaker support
    • OSD intro talk and pitch your project
  • Writing up a round-up of FOSDEM 22 post-event & publishing on articles.

Anything I’ve missed?


Dev rooms cfp open! FOSDEM 2022 - Call for participation

@ei8fdb do we have previous years submission info for the devroom form somewhere in our repo/docs?

Happy to help fill out and organise this year :smiley: but also super cool if someone else want to take the lead here :+1:

Gah, I missed this thread @Erioldoesdesign. Soz. I’m on top of it now. Tag me where you need. I’m also going to open a thread in case people need help with talk ideas/preparation.

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