Usability testing workshop - FOSDEM 2020

The people who went to ApacheCon knows that we organised a half-day workshop on how to plan, run and analyse usability studies the day after the conference. We had only 6 attendees (5 plus someone who joined at the last minute), but the feedback (I think) was positive.

So I decided we are ready to repeat the experiment at FOSDEM. Hackerspace Brussels offers space to FOSS projects the week before FOSDEM, so I contacted them and asked whether they would host the workshop on Friday 31st January, the day before FOSDEM starts. And they said yes! :slight_smile:

We already have a page for the event in the Hackerspace Brussels website

We have a registration form in place (we will be taking a maximum of 20 attendees):

And I have sent a request to list the workshop as part of the FOSDEM fringe.

If anybody would like to help on the day, please let me know. @ei8fdb and myself (and hopefully @victoria-bondarchuk) will be there, but some additional support would come handy :slight_smile:


Our usability testing workshop is now listed as part of the FOSDEM Fringe \0/

If you know anybody who may be interested in attending, please point them to the registration form:



Awesome! Loving seeing this available for OSS projects :smiley:

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A quick update on the workhop: we have 16 registrations at the moment, although I am not sure everybody will turn up. Still: 16 is pretty good, and I’ve stopped advertising it because I think it’s a nice, managable number of attendees as is :slight_smile:

@ei8fdb and myself will be running the thing, but we would welcome some help. If you are in Brussels from Friday morning and want to give a hand, please reply to this thread.

The workshop happens on January 31st from 12:00 to 17:00 in Hackerspace Brussels. On how to get there, see