Tirana, Albania

(Mariana Balla ) #1

Hey everyone,

During February we are organizing a meetup in Tirana at the local hackerspace. On February 17th, with help from @elioqoshi and @AnXh3L0 we will host a workshop in order to present designers in town the importance of open source design and the OSD community.


(Mariana Balla ) #2

I would like to thank @elioqoshi and @AnXh3L0 for the event. I was great. Below I’m sharing a report for our workshop. :slight_smile:

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #3

Good stuff! :slight_smile: Is there a recurring Open Source Design meetup in Tirana? Would be awesome to have!

(Elio Qoshi) #4

We will do some stuff at OSCAL in 2 weeks, let’s see if we can commit to a recurring event, as we will also need to organize the summit :slight_smile: