Identihub workshop - Tirana, Albania

Hi all!

I wanted to let you guys know that we are organizing one more Open Source Design event in Tirana, Albania in two weeks. :grinning: This time our event will be focused on Identihub and the importance of Usability Research during the creative process.

Identihub is an open source software (check Github) where you can host your brand’s visual assets. By “assets” I mean everything that can be related to your brand, like its logo, font(s), colour(s) and different icons. Check Firefox and Nextcloud’s demo pages. :wink:

On the second part, we have invited Renata Gegaj, a Usability expert from Pristina, Kosovo. She will have a presentation on the importance of Usability Study in order to have the best possible outcome on UX Design.

This event is organized together by @elioqoshi, @AnXh3L0, @rskikuli and myself and it will take place at Open Labs, the local hackerspace in Tirana.