Identihub Patreon Launch

Hi there folks, hope you enjoy the holidays!

At Ura, we recently pivoted our Patreon from general Open Source Design to building Identihub, open source self-hosted software for managing brand and visual assets of your projects easily in one place. Identihub is licensed under AGPL and is completely grassroots developed by a small number of contributors. We are currently working in our free time to build it, however we are looking to fund more time for a developer to work on it, so we need your help to make this happen. If you are able to, please consider becoming a Patron on our Patreon. Your support will help us fund development costs and bring Identihub closer to our vision:

For any information about the project:

If you are at 34c3, I’d be excited to demo you the project (and come to my session at the FSFE track):

By FOSDEM I hope that we have a Beta ready with extensive bug fixes and some more features. We are working on a WebDav / Nextcloud integration for assets sync meanwhile among other features.

Feedback is welcome!


Since I’m not over in Europe, here is a little user feedback.

The ability to automatically generate raster graphics from SVGs is my favorite feature! Other formats I often have clients ask for are JPG and PDF. I assume you’re using ImageMagick on the backend, which I know supports those formats. We almost always need to generate a web resolution and print resolution version of each logo. While I could perhaps just upload the same logo twice, it could be nice to offer a range of download sizes.

The color conversion tool is pretty cool. It would be nice to be able to tweak the CMYK values, which we do on some occasions, but it is critical that we can call out a spot color value (e.g. Pantone PMS).

The font tool is way more sophisticated than I expected. In some cases we are using commercial fonts. It would be good to provide some kind of fallback in such a case as the font is not in the library.

These are probably not new suggestions, but I thought I’d share.

You can can count me in as a supporter on Patreon as well. :slight_smile: