Looking for contributors to "Open Source Branding Project"


So I’ve linked this before but I recently put together a big update on the “Open Source Branding Project”:

I’d love to get people’s feedback and contributions.

The point of the repo is to serve as a template repo that can be git cloned/forked and serve as the basis for a full set of branding templates and documentation for any open source project that needs it.

Think of it as a mix of template library, documentation presets, and educational resource (as the markdown documents in the repo are meant to serve as guides and tutorials on the basic concepts of branding for people without experience in that field).

Additional templates, improvements to the documentation, etc would be greatly appreciated!

Three major tasks are needed help with:

And finally:

I think @jan you might have something useful to say about this last issue as the solution I’m considering might be nextcloud based. If not NC based I think it will have to be some kind of cloud based solution and I think you’re probably pretty up on that technological problem space more than I.

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It seems that this is trying to do a lot of the same what we do with Open Source Design? :slight_smile: For example:

Also seems to slightly touch on what the folks of Ura want to do with Identihub? cc @elioqoshi for example

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Yeah there’s def some intersection between these two. The primary reason for doing it as a git repo is so that it not only serves as a source of information but also a starter kit with templates covering a range of use cases.

A secondary reason is to make it accessible for devs who use github and might not know to google open source design etc. It’s a repo I can link open source projects on github as I find them, and it doesn’t require them to go off the website they’re already on etc, in order to log an issue and request help.

The Open Source Design job board is a git repo. :wink:

Listing them on the website and having a submission form just serves as a simpler entry point that people were missing when initially it was only possible via the repository.

Considering that it would be great to simply join forces on that? :slight_smile: cc @evalica @elioqoshi @belenbarrospena @AnXh3L0 @eupiteco @m1guelpiedrafita

I’m certainly all for joining forces, and I certainly don’t want to be creating divergence or seem like I’m trying to push something in rival to the Open Source Design org.

I started the open source branding project actually before I heard of the OSD org. It’s honestly more of a small side project that I recently updated and thought might be worth sharing with the community.

The purpose is also different, in that while it is possible to post requests, I’m treating the git repo as an actual artifact. It’s a starter kit. Open source projects can request help through the repo github page but that isn’t it’s primary purpose. The goal is to provide a toolkit for other orgs to use on their own.

Also while it’s true that the job board website is a repo, the actual help request and posting process is all handled offsite. You can’t browse the submitted jobs from within github.