Below is my proposed session outline I would love to share at OPEN SOURCE DESIGN COMMUNITY

“Designing Brand Identities for Open Source”

1.Develop a Story
2.Brainstorm Words That Best Defines The Brand
3.Sketch Ideas Based on Brand Values, Vision and Mission
4.Provide Logo Options
5.Test Your Top Sketches on Platforms
6.Refine Your Chosen Sketch
7.Develop Your Logo’s Layout on a Free Design Platform
8.Pick Functional Color Options or Palette
9.Choose a Font
10.Ensure Scalability

cc Isaac Zara



I like this but could you further explain topic #5?

Other than that, this sounds interesting!

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Testing Logo Sketches can be done in various ways and the aim is just for feedbacks or critics;

This can be via Surveys, Posting on Design Forums, Social Media , Word of Mouth etc

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Thanks for explaining. If it’s an online session, would love a link to it and learn from it!

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Sure, I will be unleashing that on a session in Open Source Design Community.
Waiting for @Erioldoesdesign ‘s response

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So this is a great start for an outline and contains the most important things generally for a brand design project.

What I’d love you to have a think about is what differences (if any!) the project being open source raises? You’ve already raised one here ‘Free Design Platform’

I wonder specifically if you can encourage ‘openness’ and ‘community’ when developing the brand.

I would highly suggest looking back at how Mozilla did their last brand project as they tried an open approach and learned a lot!

Also, I know @elioqoshi has done a lot of open-source brand/logo projects and I think his experience and opinions here are immensely valuable.


Seen!! Great Designs out there
What is your say about the session?
Is it gonna work?

Yes it can work, I suggested some things to respond to (quoted above) what do you think about my suggestions above

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