Jobs - Make a logo for the podcast

Role: logo design, brand design

A logo that works in small and large sizes in a square format and some brand exploration

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Shooting to @Erioldoesdesign ‘s mail soon🎉

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In the interests of openness I’m gonna ask that people submitting design ideas add them to the thread here :slight_smile:

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One designer asked:
What do you want people to be reminded of when they see the logo?

My answer to this would be the audience needs to understand this is about opening conversations about design. It needs to be approachable and friendly, not-corporate. Something that communicates the inclusion and growth of designers through conversation and being honest. Open Source is a nice addition, but hard to communicate visually often :slight_smile:

Link attached below is my Logo Proposal for Sustainable Open Source Design (SOS Design)

Feel free to drop comments:)




These are the three design ideas that i had done for the logo proposal. i am currently still learning more on front end website or logo design. thank you for giving this opportunity for me to learn more about design.


@Erioldoesdesign @jwf any feedback on the #SOSDesign logo?