In need of a logo design volunteer for //

Project Name: //

Project Website:

Compensation: Gratis

Job description: // is a project connect people via the most comprehensive collection of Free, Libre and/or Open Source Software events happening in Europe and online and we are doing this for several years now. Meanwhile you should find us somewhere top on all the usual web-searches.

We are currently developing the calendar to be more user friendly, to engage more people to contribute their events to the calendar, so we have a community driven calendar for and by the community. In the long run we want to add more features like finding buddies to sleep or share a ride with. We are doing this to give something back to the FOSS community and the page will never have ads or tracking or other unwanted anti-features.

Our current logo shows a star in a calendar and was done in an hour, in need of a logo, some time ago.

A new logo can be based on that but it can also be totally new. Honestly we would love the logo to focus more on “connecting people” instead of “calendar”. Any help very welcome!

Deliverables: SVG-File…

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ps: I wanted to post this in the job board but what not allowed, so hopefully you find it here.

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Our current logo shows a star in a calendar and was done in an hour, in need of a logo, some time ago…
Honestly we would love the logo to focus more on “connecting people” instead of “calendar”.

The tricky thing with “connecting people” is that you easily end up with abstract logos, usually showing some variant of a network/mesh or groups of icon-ified people. This can still be done well (see Ubuntu’s logo) but it is not easy.

Given that the current page lists events and their date, the current logo might be better than it seems and comes with the nice feature that even if people do not know your project well, they might easily remember what it does merely by seeing the calendar-icon-based logo.

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So, just sat down very quickly and did a rough draft of my thoughts…

One option has ‘hands’ to illustrate the ‘bodies’ coming together, the second is a more subtle approach with the hands removed. If one looks closely, they can see the E and F are people. Just a rough idea! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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Hi Dreirik.
Is this still open? If yes, can we have a conversation about it?

Logo should be minimal and symbolic to show connections if this is still open I will would like to help

is it still open ? if yes reply

Hi @abhiiux, all,

omg, we are so sorry to not have come back on you and your proposal to help us with a new logo /°\

The thing is that I misconfigured my mail-client and did not receive any replies to the topic into my inbox. There were however two people contacting me and so I thought this is coming into my inbox as replies to my topic and so I never checked on-site.

So I am really sorry for this late reply but yes, the challenge is still open and we are in need of a good logo more than ever since we spent the last weeks with a major re-write of the backend and now have a full community- and database-driven foss events calendar \°/

If anyone is still interested, please let us know.

Erik for //

thank you very much for this proposal! We think that this design is too much text-centric and It would be great if the logo can work without letters / words.

Thank you very much for this proposal! The idea is quite nice, well done!

Hwever, two things come in mind: on one hand we would like to avoid a logo based on letters / words, on the other hand if you minimize this logo to a menu-icon for example, it is hard to see the details and it will look like an “8” at first glance.

Hello ! I’m Malorie, a freelance designer looking for works to do for free to enhance my portfolio.
I checked your work and website : to me, the key words of your website might be : Connecting, software, worldwide, technology.
As far as I know, in the technology and software word, abstract forms are most of the time used as logos. Also, the circle is a very important form to show the idea of unity, worldwide and connexion.
Based on this analysis, here is the logo I designed : of course this is just a prototype to give you an idea. I would be glad to get a feedback !

Thank you so much for your proposal, it is a very nice and artistic piece of a logo. For us however it seems a bit too abstract. It will be difficult for people to see it the first time and without any background to get an idea what it represents.

Also we think the key words of our web site are: Connecting, People, FOSS/Open Source/Free Software, Europe

On a quick idea this came to my mind (with me being a pretty bad designer and simply reusing icons), what do you think about the idea? would be happy about your feedback

it includes a location drop to “connect people via events”, a circle for the unity and the keyhole for open source/foss

should be more square I think

Okay, seeing your direction now, I did a rough draft of this concept: let me know what you think!

Group 2713

Thank you very much for the proposal. We love having the keyhole as a print like you put it not reverse like in my proposal. Else we think the the simple way as above is preferred. So we would go with something like this. If anyone is interested in sketching it out, feel free to let us know.

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Hello @dreirik , I just see your thread and decided to make the logo look like this?
Logo Foss event
What do you think?


Happy that this request generates so many responses!

General advice for logo design: To iterate and improve on the designs, it can be helpful to see if the logo works on a small scale. For example, a logo often should be used as a favicon on a browser tab. These are only 16x16px for your design. See if your design still works at this scale to ensure it is distinct and simple enough (Its helpful but also frustrating, most of my designs do not work at a small size on the first try)

I have this idea in mind,
using the original star as a connecting spot, leading to the keyhole logo.

Kindly let me know what do you think of it.


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