[closed] Volunteer wanted for logo design

Hi all,

Open Source Gardens is a project to promote the use of open source seeds, the project provides free seeds to people in spring and also information on how to save the seeds so people become independent. The projects has also a community garden in Berlin where people get together to grow their seeds.

There is a logo draft here:

Perhaps someone would like to help us out with a nice svg version that looks more polished and professional. :smiley:

The yellow is meant to be a dandelion, there’s a sun and technology element, the colours, and composition could be changed, the dandelion would be the focus in terms of element to keep.


Hey there what an awesome project! did you submit the form for a job posting on our website? Jobs - Jobs there’s a form under the link ‘post a job’ and if you need help please let me know :smiley:

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Can you tell us what open source license you operate under? and then we can approve your job


yes I did, I hope that’s ok

Hi @aimeejulia ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This looks like a very fun Logo, I would love to help bring the vision to life :sunny: :seedling: :earth_asia:

it’s already done, I will see if I can mark this as closed :smiley: thank you for offering


I think the job posting needs to be closed via git, but I added [closed] to this post’s headline to signify that its done to forum contributors. (There is a “closed” on the forum, but that would just close the topic here and make further replies impossible)

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This is a much better way for discourse forums threads to indicate closed! thanks @jdittrich